Shen Li Death Dead – Shen Li Obituary: Cause of Death

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Shen Li Death Dead – Shen Li Obituary: Cause of Death

Shen Li died in Beijing due to illness at the age of 87. Five years ago, Teacher Shen Li suffered from an illness. In recent years, he has maintained a positive and optimistic attitude and is fighting tenaciously with the illness. As soon as the news of Shen Li’s death came out, many industry insiders expressed their regret.

Shen Li, born in 1933, is a native of Suzhou, Jiangsu. In 1949, he joined the Chinese People’s Liberation Army’s southward work troupe, and served as an actor in the cultural and industrial troupe, and was later transferred to the People’s Liberation Army General Political Song and Dance Troupe. In 1957, he changed jobs and was admitted to the broadcasting group of the Central People’s Broadcasting Station.

In 1958, Shen Li became the first TV announcer in my country because of her dignified and generous image. She was also called “the first person on the Chinese screen.”

In 1974, Shen Li transferred to the cultural life group of the Ministry of Social Education as an editor, interviewed Hou Baolin and Li Guyi, edited the programs “Where are the crosstalk masters” and “Song of the Soul”, and won awards in the selection of national excellent TV special programs.

In 1983, Shen Li officially focused on the “Serving You” column. During the period when she focused on “Serving You” column, “Serving You” was very popular among the people. As soon as the 15-minute column was opened, it received 13,000 letters from the audience in just 5 months, and 90% of them were sent to Shen Li.

In 1993, CCTV asked the retired 60-year-old Shen Li to come out again to host an elderly program “Red Sunset”, which is also one of CCTV’s brand columns.

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