Should You Save Lawan Or Let Her Detonate – What We Know!

There are numerous game-changing choices that gamers have to make in Dying Gentle 2, together with a high-stakes alternative within the last mission relating to Lawan’s destiny. This last choice will have an effect on the end result of the sport and the destiny of Villedor in addition to Aiden and Mia. Within the final principal story mission, “X13,” Aiden has a last confrontation with Waltz and learns the reality about Mia and their previous.

After the cutscene the place Waltz explains the reality, Aiden must battle him. Waltz briefly knocks Aiden down, then one other cutscene performs the place Lawan pronounces the missile launch course of has begun. The Dying Gentle 2 quest continues with intermittent cutscenes as Aiden fights Waltz till Mia interrupts the battle and tries to present Aiden the important thing that can save the town. Sadly, Waltz destroys the important thing, which suggests the missiles must be stopped one other means.


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Lawan volunteers to plant explosives on the missiles and detonate them manually with a view to save the town. Waltz will argue that Aiden must quit every thing he’s been working in direction of and sacrifice Mia for the sake of the town. After the cutscene concludes, gamers can be left with Dying Gentle 2‘s last choice, and every alternative has critical penalties to think about.

Penalties of Saving Lawan or Letting Her Die in Dying Gentle 2

Dying Light 2 Should You Save Lawan Or Let Her Detonate Mia Dies Ending

Selecting to save lots of Lawan will set off a timed parkour sequence the place Aiden should attain her earlier than the timer runs out. Aiden can be mechanically reset if the timer reaches zero, so failing the parkour sequence gained’t have any lasting penalties except for having to repeat it. If Aiden saves Lawan, the missiles will launch and destroy Villedor. On this Dying Gentle 2 ending, Mia’s destiny is unknown, huge casualties will happen, and Aiden will depart the town.

If Aiden chooses to let Lawan detonate the bombs and destroy X13, she’s going to transfer ahead with the plan and sacrifice herself. Nevertheless, it’s nonetheless potential to save lots of Lawan even when selecting to detonate. If Hakon was stored alive earlier in Dying Gentle 2, he’ll arrive to save lots of Lawan simply earlier than the bombs go off. If Hakon is useless, Lawan may even die, however her sacrifice will hold the missiles from reaching the town and save a lot of individuals. On this ending, Mia can be sacrificed for the sake of the town.

Saving Lawan is taken into account the dangerous ending and letting her detonate the bombs offers gamers the great ending in Dying Gentle 2. Though Mia will die if Lawan detonates the bombs, Aiden will save Villedor, and Lawan can also be saved relying on earlier choices. If the town isn’t destroyed, the state of it’ll depend upon if gamers sided with the Survivors or the Peacekeepers. The final choice in “X13” will decide the end result of the story in Dying Gentle 2.

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Dying Gentle 2 is on the market for Xbox One, Xbox Collection X/S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and PC.

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