Signs Point to RHOD Kary Brittingham Getting a Divorce

Kary Brittingham


Kary Brittingham

During the April 27 finale of this season’s “Real Housewives of Dallas,” all signs seemed to point to star Kary Brittingham possibly getting a divorce from her husband, Eduardo Brittingham.

On the finale, Brittingham explained to her costar, D’Andra Simmons, that she had been drinking a lot recently after having a rough year. In her confessional, she also admitted that she and her husband “desperately” needed to spend some quality time together and that this year had been difficult for both of them. Additionally, Brittingham’s husband did not attend South Fork Ranch with the others as he claimed that he was under the weather.

While it may have seemed like their marriage was on the rocks this season, during the sneak peek of the upcoming “Real Housewives of Dallas” reunion, it looks like Brittingham’s relationship status will be addressed. In the sneak peek clip, Brittingham is seen crying on camera, telling Andy Cohen, “We just told our kids…”

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