Snooki Details Origins of Her Famous ‘Hot Mess’ Pictures

Snooki Details Origins of Her Famous ‘Hot Mess’ Pictures


Former “Jersey Shore” star Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi had a little fun with her fans when she explained the origins behind some of her most famous fashion choices.

Did you ever see a picture of Jersey Shore alum Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi and wonder: What was she thinking? For those who were curious about some of the self-proclaimed meatball’s fashion choices, the pint-sized reality star gave the skinny on what was happening behind the scenes for some of her most famous “hot mess” incidents.

Snooki, 33, opened the floodgates by asking her fans to send pictures. “Please send pics of your favorite iconic Snooki outfits & I’ll explain what was going on,” she tweeted on April 6, including an emoji of a woman tipping her hand. Fans were happy to play along and flooded the star with iconic moments.

Many of the explanations involved Snooki being hungover, including one of the first photo origins. “Super hungover doing GTL with the roomies and all I wanted was to go get drinks, so I dressed like I was gonna work out but possibly sneak off to the bar,” she wrote.

Snooki Explains Photo of Her in The Situation’s Neckbrace

The photo that garnered the most attention was one that showed her in Italy with a neck brace. It turns out there was nothing physically wrong with her–she was just trying to get out of going to work.

“I stole Mike’s neck brace because I didn’t want to work, so I walked in and told our boss I broke my neck and couldn’t work,” she explained, referencing the time co-star Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino injured himself after head-butting a wall while they filmed a season of Jersey Shore in Florence. “This pic is of me asking people where the bar is.”

The response garnered nearly 20,000 shares over almost 140,000 likes. It was one of the most popular fashion moments she explained.

Fake neck brace aside, fans were also curious about Snooki’s shades, with one asking: “Why is the chain of your sunglasses at the front? Isn’t it supposed to be behind your neck so that it hangs when you don’t have it on or when it falls?

The MTV alum didn’t have an answer. “Girl who the hell knows I was a hot mess,” Snooki said.

Snooki Once Dressed as the ‘Pickle Princess’

Another incident that ranked highly among netizens is when Snooki wore a green outfit, green cape, tiara, and carried a staff with a gigantic pickle on top. At the time, Snooki was known for her love of pickles.

“I had a club appearance in Vegas and thought ‘why don’t I show up as the pickle princess’ thinking everyone would give me free pickles,” she explained.

Former Governor of New Jersey Chris Christie also made a cameo on Snooki’s Twitter feed. “He scared me and got into my face trying to hurt my feelings. This is my face asking him to back up bruh,” the mother-of-three wrote.

While most people seemed to enjoy Snooki’s explanations, not everyone was pleasant. “How do u figure she’s a legend and her kids proud? She was a hoe on J.S. and happened to screw the right idiot that knocked her up and the rest is history. Happy they fell in love but that’s their life story and nothing for her kids to be proud of,” they wrote.

But the vocal celeb was happy to quash the trolls. “Oh f*** off Jacqueline. Go have a stiff drink and live a little,” Snooki tweeted.

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