Snooki Responds After Lashing Out at Unscripted Awards


“Jersey Shore” star Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi had a chat with comedian Nikki Glaser after she heckled her during MTV’s first-ever Unscripted awards show.

“Jersey Shore” star Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi had a chat with comedian Nikki Glaser after she heckled her during MTV’s first-ever Unscripted awards show. The cast of “Jersey Shore” — minus Ronnie Magro — was awarded the Reality Royalty lifetime achievement award. Only Snooki, Vinny Guadagnino, Jenni “JWoww” Farley and Angelina Pivarnick were there to accept the award in person, but the self-proclaimed meatball made up for his missing co-stars.

Snooki, 33, “lashed out” at the comedian when she made a joke about being surprised all of the cast members were still alive. Snooki, who was intoxicated during the event, thought Nikki, 36, was taking a jab at her for being old. Reports about Snooki’s antics were first published by Us Weekly on May 17.

“She had a little too much to drink and didn’t understand a joke I was making,” Nikki told Nightly Pop, per Cheatsheet. “‘Snooki‘ did heckle me during a portion that was cut for both of our sakes… . “When I get heckled, I’m not the best version of myself.”

Nikki clarified what she meant by her joke. “I had to explain to her later, ‘I’m not surprised you’re alive because you’re old, I’m surprised you’re alive because you do dumb stuff like heckle the host of a show that you’re the honoree on,” Nikki said with a laugh.

Snooki Apologized to Nikki

Nikki Glaser Heckled By Snooki at MTV Movie & TV Awards – “Nightly Pop” 05/18/21 | E! NewsDefinitely unscripted! After hosting the 2021 MTV Movie & TV Awards, Nikki Glaser breaks down the drama that went down with the “Jersey Shore” alum. Watch on “Nightly Pop”! #NikkiGlaser #NightlyPop #ENews #NicolePolizzi Subscribe: Subscribe to Nightly Pop The PODCAST: About Nightly Pop: Morgan Stewart, Nina Parker and Hunter March dive into the…2021-05-19T00:46:15Z

Once the alcohol wore off, and a few people told Snooki that she might have been out of line, the mother-of-three sent Nikki an apologetic message.

“I got a DM from Snooki being like, ‘I don’t even remember what I said. People told me I said the dumbest things. I’m so sorry. That was your job. That was so ridiculous of me. I’m humiliated,” Nikki recalled to Nightly Pop.

Nikki happily accepted the pint-sized reality TV star’s mea culpa. “Then I called her and she was so sweet,” the comedian continued. “I’ve been heckled so many times in my life and I’ve never had someone reach out and say, ‘Sorry that was my bad. I was too drunk.’”

Vinny Called Snooki Out During Their Acceptance Speech

When it was time for the “Jersey Shore” star took accept their award, Snooki sashayed to the stage and slurred, “Party’s here!”

Snooki began to tell the crowd she was “so excited” to be there, but Vinny stole the mic away and confirmed his co-star was drunk. “OK. Pardon, pardon. I’m finally drunk,” Snooki said.

“But we’re so excited to have this moment. We would like to thank the Academy of, um, MTV and Viacom for acknowledging us because we are hot messes and we always put ourselves out there no matter what so thank you for finally acknowledging our hot mess bulls***.”

“Thirteen years ago we were just a bunch of kids on the boardwalk just partying,” Vinny added. “We had no idea it was going to change our lives forever. But thank you to all the fans that stuck with us, MTV, 495 Productions. We love you guys. Thank you.”

Don’t miss season four B of “Jersey Shore: Family Vacation” when it returns Thursday, June 3 at 8 p.m. Eastern time on MTV.

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