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Sokhen Clausen Cause of Death | Sokhen Clausen Passed Away | Sokhen ‘Sin’ Clausen Obituary | Funeral

Samantha Clausen Mom, Sokhen Clausen has passed away, we learnt about this through a GoFundMe page created on her behalf.

hey guys, my close friends mother recently passed away due to cancer. Sokhen’s funeral is this saturday, and it’d mean the world if you guys could donate or share this link to help cover the funeral expenses.

My mother Sokhen (Sin) Clausen lost her battle with cancer on June 29th, 2020. Survived by her children Chris Neou(28), Samantha Clausen(20), Tessa Clausen(16) Matthew Clausen(13) and grandchildren Nolan Neou (6), Melani Neou (3). She was diagnosed in 2015 with colon cancer that then spread to her lungs, which ultimately spread to her brain in the end. Her battle lasted five years. Given only two to three years of life she was able to live longer because of the determination to spend as much time as she could with us.

I am reaching out for financial help as we do not have the means to cover all of the funeral. Her funeral is being held on July 10th at one p.m.
Any remainder amount of money from this campaign would help me step up to help and guide my younger siblings. My mother was the carrier of our phone contract and I am planning on putting them on a line with me. Both of my younger siblings are very smart and will go to college one day to make our mother proud. I plan on starting separate bank accounts for them both in order to start saving for college funds.

I (Samantha) will be taking care of the funds. I understand it takes great responsibility, and the money donated will properly be used.

Anyone who is able or willing to contribute to this cause will be given endless gratitude. If you are not, which is just fine, please share my mothers story for others to see and read. I would love to show others how much my mother impacted everyone surrounding her life. More

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