SOS LO Enlists Trippie Redd & Chris King For New Single “Honorable Flex”

SOS LO Enlists Trippie Redd & Chris King For New Single "Honorable Flex"

Clemson, South Carolina rapper SOS LO is a newcomer on the rising Hip-Hop scene, but with collaborations alongside exciting artists such as Steezy Reezy, Glokkstar, and ZillaKami already under his belt, SOS LO is steadily learning the ropes of the rap game. Now, the artist is back with his first single of the year, which boasts major features from frequent collaborators Trippie Redd and Chris King.

Titled “Honorable Flex,” SOS LO’s new song finds him exchanging slick, fast-paced verses with Chris King while Trippie Redd takes care of the hook. Chris King’s wordplay is as sharp as ever, but SOS LO makes a decent effort to keep up with his featured artist’s gab. Trippie Redd’s chorus is a full-out flex, as he delivers a garbled refrain about his impressive watch collection, but according to the Pegasus artist, he’s just referencing an “honorable flex.” 

The unexpected collaboration is a bit peculiar, but it does have a lot of redeeming qualities, from Chris King’s rapid-paced lyricism to Trippie Redd’s catchy melody. Check out SOS LO, Trippie Redd, and Chris King’s “Honorable Flex” below and let us know what you think. 

Quotable Lyrics

Diamonds hittin’ like it took a drop of LSD
Keep the handheld with games like a PSP
Too high sometimes I forget my beat
When I’m skippin’ down the block don’t forget my heat