Star of Matchmaker Mysteries Danica McKellar Shares Views on Love

Star of Matchmaker Mysteries Danica McKellar Shares Views on Love


Danica McKellar plays a professional matchmaker in Hallmark Channels Matchmaker Mysteries.

Danica McKellar plays professional matchmaker Angie Dove in the Hallmark movie series, Matchmaker Mysteries. The actress recently spoke to Monsters & Critics about her real-life matchmaking abilities and her advice for those who are looking for love. “I have never made any matches myself”, McKellar said, adding that she didn’t think matchmaking is her “forte” in real life. However, she and her husband attorney Scott Sveslosky did get together after friends set them up. “I sat down across from him for coffee and started giggling and couldn’t stop,” McKellar said of her first date with Sveslosky. “We’d been talking on the phone for a little bit and my favorite book is The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success by Deepak Chopra, and he’d brought it with him and underlined his favorite parts.”

McKellar and Sveslosky were married in Hawaii in 2014. The Hallmark actress was previously married to Michael Verta, with whom she shares a 10-year old son named Draco. She recently shared some advice about finding that special someone. “Don’t look for love, work on yourself. Get yourself to be the kind of person that you’d want to date. Become that person and love will follow,” said McKellar.

The Matchmaker Mysteries star is no stranger to self-betterment. McKellar is outspoken about her commitment to eating clean and exercising. “I have no trainer, just a TON of discipline”, she wrote on a recent Instagram post of her in costume for Matchmaker Mysteries: The Art of the Kill. She is also outspoken about the importance of working on relationships. “While I’m a romantic, I also acknowledge that when it comes to nurturing a relationship, you have to keep putting work into it. It’s not like in the movies when you get together and suddenly now you’re just set,” said McKellar.

The Matchmaker Mysteries Cast Live Tweeted During the Premiere of The Art of the Kill

The latest installment in the Matchmaker Mysteries series premiered Sunday, April 18th. McKellar and the rest of the cast took to social media to interact with fans and share tidbits from their experience filming the TV movie. McKellar tweeted a behind-the-scenes photo of Mark Tyler Krysko as the murder victim lying in position with a face shield. “Because even murder victims can’t be too careful,” she wrote, referencing the film’s observation of COVID-19 health and safety precautions.

Victor Webster, who plays detective Kyle Cooper, was making dinner with his fiance Shantel VanSanten as he live tweeted Sunday evening. In a video shared to his Twitter page, VanSanten can be heard asking Webster if he should really be giving McKellar’s character fashion advice. “I mean, look at this outfit,” VanSanten said, filming Webster in casual workout clothes. The couple got engaged in February.

Bruce Boxleitner, who plays Angie Dove’s dad and a retired detective, played a bigger role in The Art of the Kill than past Matchmaker Mysteries movies. “He’s a great guy and I love playing his daughter,” Danica McKellar said of Boxleitner in a recent interview. Boxleitner added some intrigue to the Twitter conversation during the premiere, tweeting “What do you think? Are things heating up between Kyle and Angie? Dad thinks so.”

Fans could also enter for a chance to win an autographed picture of McKellar as Angie Dove by following the @Matchmakermysteries Instagram page, tagging a friend in the page’s comments, and sending the account a picture of their TV screen while watching The Art of the Kill. 

Did the Latest Matchmaker Mysteries Satisfy Fans?

In each Matchmaker Mysteries film, there is romantic tension between Angie Dove and Detective Kyle Cooper. The latest film continued that storyline but still left fans wanting more. In the second film, A Fatal Romance, Kyle says he owes Angie dessert. In The Art of the Kill, McKellar says “he actually does make good on that promise.”

Are there more Matchmaker Mysteries in store for Hallmark Sleuther fans? “That is also a mystery,” says McKellar. “We are waiting to find out.”

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