Star Trek Canon Just Changed the Way Its Galaxy Works – What We Know!

So, it could appear that the programmable antimatter is the factor that may shield the crew from the “nasty sections” the place someone might doubtlessly get undesirable Gary Mitchell powers. Tarka’s assertion about “nasty sections” additionally does double-duty. In a way, it looks like it’s attainable that solely components of the Galactic Barrier have pockets of “unusual energies” that may make you go all Gary Michell. Nonetheless, the concern of going by way of this barrier remains to be fairly robust, as a result of Starfleet has not finished it in a very lengthy time. 

Was “The place No Man Has Gone Earlier than” Categorised? 

 Early in “The Galactic Barrier’,’ Admiral Vance mentions “they’re leaving the galaxy, we’ve by no means finished that earlier than.” 

Now, the Enterprise-D unwillingly acquired thrown to different galaxies in “The place No One Has Gone Earlier than” in TNG, and Kirk and the gang went by way of the barrier 3 times in TOS, as soon as with the Gary Mitchell motion in “The place No Man Has Gone Earlier than,” once more, in “By Any Different Identify,” when a bunch of aliens from the Andromeda galaxy hijack the ship, and at last in “Is There In Fact No Magnificence?” (Notice: the aliens in “By Any Different Identify” are oddly referred to as the Kelvans, however there’s no connection between them and the USS Kelvin or the Kelvin Universe of the reboot movies.)

So, what’s Admiral Vance speaking about? Presumably, he’s referring to the up to date model of the Federation and Starfleet that has existed post-Burn within the 3180s and now, 3190s. It’s additionally attainable that Kirk’s mission to the Galactic Barrier may have been partially labeled. Folks in Decrease Decks find out about Gary Mitchell’s “unusual energies,” however do they know all the things in regards to the Enterprise leaving the galaxy? Discovery canon tells us that Spock efficiently made all the things in regards to the crew of DISCO labeled, which appeared to stay nicely into the thirty second Century. So, who is aware of? Possibly a part of Kirk’s OG barrier mission was not made widespread information. In spite of everything, Kirk does falsify his logs on the finish of that episode, leaving out particulars about how Mitchell and Dehner died. 

Discovery’s new galactic barrier remains to be the outdated galactic barrier

For longtime followers, the looks of the Galactic Barrier in DISCO’s “The Galactic Barrier” can be considerably acquainted. For one factor, it’s very pink which is precisely the identical shade it was in each basic and remastered TOS. Apart from the crew’s newfound solution to survive the barrier, the opposite large change is the assorted bubble-pockets that Stamets finds that assist will get the ship throughout the barrier safely. Why had been these little bubbles not round for Kirk? The reply might be as a result of, once more, as Tarka talked about, there are totally different sections of the barrier.