Starlife: The Evil Eye January 2021 Teasers

The Evil Eye January Teasers 2021: Mohana upholds Vedashri when she encourages Ansh to wed Piya. Nishant and Piya plan to take in additional about Divya’s whereabouts from Mohana when she visits them.

The Evil Eye January Teasers 2021

Star life The Evil Eye January Teasers 2021

The Evil Eye Friday 1 January 2021

Scene 69)

Mohana stresses the impacts of Piya getting together with Ansh. Danger strikes Piya, while Ansh utilizes his forces to find her. Ruby makes a deal with Naman.

Scene 70)

Ansh uses his forces and safeguards Piya. Vedashri and others escape from Naman after he changes into a witch and compromises them.

The Evil Eye Saturday 2 January 2021

Scene 71)

Vedashri, Chaitrali alongside others Attempt to shield Mohana out of Naman. Piya excuses Ansh while Saavi embarks to attack Mohana.

Scene 72)

Impacted by Mohana, Saavi Attempts to save a witch. Naman takes steps to harm Kajal following Mohana attacks him.

The Evil Eye Sunday 3 January 2021

Scene 73)

The witch endeavors to catch Piya after Saavi liberates her. Piya and Ansh select to assault the witch. Shekar keeps Naman from torturing Mohana.

Scene 74)

The witch enchants Piya and Ansh’s home which makes it difficult for them to get away. Then, Mohana discovers an approach to get her forces back.

The Evil Eye Monday 4 January 2021

Scene 75)

Naman holds Mohana hostage. Piya remains caught inside the home. The witch deludes Ansh and has hold of Piya’s knife.

Scene 76)

Mohana rebuffs Naman later Vedashri helps her in recuperating her forces. Dilruba camouflages herself in different sorts and objectives Piya.

The Evil Eye Tuesday 5 January 2021

Scene 77)

Mohana removes Ruby in the home for empowering Naman. Piya attacks Dilruba in the event that she endeavors to hurt Ansh.

Scene 78)

Mohana endeavors to draw in Dilruba to activity in the wake of discovering that she’s hidden herself as Piya. Vedashri encourages Ansh to recognize his sentiments to Piya.

The Evil Eye Wednesday 6 January 2021

Scene 79)

Mohana chooses to help Dilruba. Saavi’s father creates a supernatural mixture that may assist her with conveying her mother.

Scene 80)

Dilruba, masked as Piya, deludes Nishant about her distinction. Then, the Piya faces a dangerous circumstance.

The Evil Eye Thursday 7 January 2021

Scene 81)

Nishant and Ansh search for Divya while Mohana endeavors to keep her from the sight. Dilruba figures out how to get Ansh’s compassion.

Scene 82)

Ansh and his family get familiar with the witch has camouflaged herself as Piya. He cried his imprudence and chooses to find Piya.

The Evil Eye Friday 8 January 2021

Scene 83)

Dilruba is happy as Ansh proposes to her! In the interim, Piya recovers her arrangement.

Scene 84)

Mohana overwhelms Dilruba on the off chance that she battles with her. Ansh keeps Mohana from harming Dilruba and figures out how to procure Dilruba’s trust.

The Evil Eye Saturday 9 January 2021

Scene 85)

Dilruba needs Vedashri handover her mangalsutra and powers Ansh to wed her quickly.

Scene 86)

Mohana moves eagerly and incites Dilruba to play out the equivalent. Ansh inspires a reluctant Dilruba to move basically to get Piya from her fiendish handle.

The Evil Eye Sunday 10 January 2021

Scene 87)

Mohana attacks Piya. Nishant and Ansh attempt to catch Dilruba when she objectives them. A while later, Mohana endeavors to help them arrive at their goal.

Scene 88)

Mohana actualizes her insidious arrangement to catch Dilruba and to kill Piya. Subsequently, Ruby’s life is in peril when she endeavors to shield Ansh.

The Evil Eye Monday 11 January 2021

Scene 89)

Mohana underpins Vedashri when she advises Ansh to marry Piya. Nishant and Piya expect to discover more about Divya’s whereabouts out of Mohana on the off chance that she visits .

Scene 90)

A resolute Nishant expects to attack Mohana to discover Divya’s whereabouts. A short time later, Mohana takes his friends and family to satisfy Divya.

The Evil Eye Tuesday 12 January 2021

Scene 91)

Divya consents to have Piya marry to Ansh subsequent to fighting with Mohana. Thereafter, a tremendous snake strikes Ansh in his property.

Scene 92)

Mohana salvages Ansh in the tremendous snake. Ansh educates Vedashri that someone had been keeping an eye on him. Subsequently, Mohana faces the Naagin. Who’s she?

The Evil Eye Wednesday 13 January 2021

Scene 93)

Piya changes into a Sarpika and vows to retaliate for her mom’s flight. On discovering that she’s tricked, Mohana attacks Piya confronting Ansh.

Scene 94)

A maddened Piya faces Mohana for killing her mom. A while later, Nishant stunts Mohana and effectively executes his human plot .

The Evil Eye Thursday 14 January 2021

Scene 95)

Nishant and Saavi are demolished when Mohana gets back utilizing Piya, who later shows a stunning actuality into both.

Scene 96)

Mohana demands Keetrani to slaughter Nishant. Saavi educates Piya that simply a Sarpika may murder the Daayankeet. Piya saves Nishant out of Keetrani.

The Evil Eye Friday 15 January 2021

Scene 97)

Piya and Vedashree execute their procedure from Mohana. In the gathering, Ansh is reluctant to hit the dance floor with Piya. Why?

Scene 98)

Mohana safeguards herself and endeavors to get Ansh’s help when Piya handles to uncover her.

The Evil Eye Saturday 16 January 2021

Scene 99)

The Rathods just as the Sharmas look for Mohana’s feeble territories. Thereafter, it’s match on with Piya hard Mohana!

Scene 100)

At the point when shadowy powers overwhelm Ansh, Piya assuages him. Thereafter, Piya gets a message from your perished Divya! How?

The Evil Eye Sunday 17 January 2021

Scene 101)

Mohana chooses to uncover Piya’s genuine uniqueness to Ansh. Then, Ansh and Piya go through some cozy minutes with each other.

Scene 102)

Nishant advises the family unit about Piya’s basic wellbeing state. Then, the Ansh’s odd conduct leaves his family individuals confused.

The Evil Eye Monday 18 January 2021

Scene 103)

If all else fails, Vedashri will the inconceivable to deal with Ansh. In the interim, Nishant requires an unsafe measure to contact Piya.

Scene 104)

While Nishant changes Piya to a doll, Ansh breaks liberated from his shackles and does the incomprehensible.

The Evil Eye Tuesday 19 January 2021

Scene 105)

Nishant and Saavi attempt to prevent Mohana from deterring their own system. Vedashri gets her cool when Ansh goes too far.

Scene 106)

Nishant and Saavi get readied to drop Mohana when she re-visitation of shoot away Piya. A short time later, Ansh joins with Mohana to assault them.

The Evil Eye Wednesday 20 January 2021

Scene 107)

Nishant and Saavi face hindrances when they endeavor to resuscitate Piya. Mohana endeavors to catch Dilruba. Then, Ansh is planning some mischief terrible!

Scene 108)

Nishant and Saavi feel powerless over Piya’s predicament. Thereafter, everybody is stunned in Ansh’s decision.

The Evil Eye Thursday 21 January 2021

Scene 109)

Nishant requires an extreme advance for the wellbeing of Piya. Guruma alongside the intellectual search for a gemstone that will restore Piya. Naman gives help to them!

Scene 110)

Guruma Attempts to connect with Piya. Further, Mohana uncovered Dilruba into Ansh! Would he be able to wed her?

The Evil Eye Friday 22 January 2021

Scene 111)

Ansh, who’s resolved to wed Dilruba, does the incomprehensible to Mohana when she endeavors to keep him from committing a significant error.

Scene 112)

Vedashri faces Ansh’s rage when she endeavors to keep him from wedding Dilruba. Could Piya show up dependably and stop Ansh?

The Evil Eye Saturday 23 January 2021

Scene 113)

Running out of decisions, Piya changes into a Sarpika and attempts to deal with Dilruba, who’s resolved to marry Ansh.

Scene 114)

Ansh is broken to get some answers concerning Vedashri’s revile. Subsequently, Mohana uses an underhanded system to actuate him from Piya.

The Evil Eye Sunday 24 January 2021

Scene 115)

Running out of decisions, Piya changes into a Sarpika to save Vedashri. Will Ansh take Piya subsequent to learning her personality?

The Evil Eye Monday 25 January 2021

Scene 116)

Saavi is eager to find out about the odd sign. In the interim, Ansh ends up in a powerless position.

Scene 117)

Vedashri re-visitations of her structure following Ansh plays a puzzling custom. Piya faces Mohana for her wrongdoings after she shows her actual personality to Vedashri.

The Evil Eye Tuesday 26 January 2021

Scene 118)

Ansh requires a stunning stand following Mohana attacks Vedashri. Thereafter, Piya is stunned to get some answers concerning Nishant’s ensnarement.

Scene 119)

Matters’warmth’ up including Ansh and Piya, while Ruby, in Naman’s camouflage, is arranging her transgression. A while later, Ansh is considered responsible for a lethal injury!

The Evil Eye Wednesday 27 January 2021

Scene 120)

Piya endeavors to save Ansh when he arrives in major dilemma. Thereafter, Ruby camouflaged as Naman makes a transgression to Ansh alongside his friends and family.

Scene 121)

Ruby camouflaged as Naman cautions Ansh’s family unit that her mum will point Ansh if he’s resting. Somewhere else, Ruby’s mom undermines Saavi to put Ansh to rest.

The Evil Eye Thursday 28 January 2021

Scene 122)

Vedashri’s senior sister, Dola paralyzes her family by taking steps to execute Ansh. A short time later, she advances a stunning need before Piya.

Scene 123)

Mohana and Piya plot against Dola. However, Dola undermines Piya of killing Ansh on the off chance that she doesn’t dispose of Mohana!

The Evil Eye Friday 29 January 2021

Scene 124)

Piya deludes Dola generally Mohana. Further, Nishant chooses to take out Dola and asks that the Rathods to present to him two or three things to arrive at the equivalent.

Scene 125)

Despite the fact that Ansh’s family battles to keep up Dola possessed, Nishant produces a wizardry weapon to murder her. Will his arrangement work?

The Evil Eye Saturday 30 January 2021

Scene 126)

To have the option to shield Ansh, Piya palms over her entrancing sarpika powers into him. Subsequently, as her daivik powers re-visitation of her, Piya battles Dola and Mohana.