Stassi Schroeder Shares Baby Hartford’s Big Milestone

Stassi Schroeder Shares Baby Hartford’s Big Milestone

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Stassi and Beau.

Stassi Schroeder and Beau Clark caught their daughter’s latest milestone on camera! The family of three headed to Santa Barbara on Wednesday, April 21, 2021, for “baby’s first vacay.”

Stassi took to her Instagram Stories to share her “outfit of the day,” and to give her followers details on the jewelry she was wearing for the trip. She was wearing several stacked gold necklaces, one featuring the initials “S” and “B” for Stassi and Beau, and one featuring a blinged out “H” for Hartford.

In her next update, Stassi shared a video of baby Hartford laying in front of her under a cozy blanket. Stassi and Beau looked on as Hartford pulled the blanket over her head, causing her pacifier to come out of her mouth. The 3-month-old cooed as Stassi laughed, but what happened next was pretty awesome.

“OMG milestone. Wait for it…” Stassi captioned the video. As Stassi filmed with her phone, Hartford figured out how to put her pacified back in her mouth! Both Stassi and Beau gasped, and Stassi exclaimed, “you just put it back in your mouth!”

New dad Beau shared the videos to his Instagram Stories as well, clearly very proud of his baby girl.

Here’s what you need to know:

Beau Said He Was Going to ‘Do a Shot’ for Hartford’s Milestone

Beau got super excited that his daughter put her pacifier back in her own mouth. He even told Stassi, who kept her camera filming after the amazing moment, that he was going to “do a shot” for Hartford.

“That is a milestone,” he said, walking away. “So I’m going to do a shot for her, for that [excitement]. Oh my God,” he added. Stassi just kept laughing in the background.

In his next video, Beau wanted to let all of his followers know that there were finally a pair of hotel slippers that fit him. He stood in front of a full-length mirror wearing a white robe and slip ons. “Look at this! Size twelves,” he said.

His next two posts were of baby Hartford the next morning — so it looks like they all made it through their first night away from home with baby!

Stassi Revealed That Hartford Slept in the Bathroom During Their ‘First Family Vacay’

Stassi and Beau enjoyed some quiet time while Hartford took a snooze. Stassi shared a photo of her and Beau, complete with a wine glass in his hand, and let her followers know how things were going.

“First family vacay. Baby’s asleep… in a crib… in the bathroom,” Stassi captioned the pic.

Meanwhile, on her Instagram Stories, Stassi appeared to be enjoying the weather in Santa Barbara, as she sat out on a balcony and took in some fresh air with her little one. Hartford was, of course, dressed in the sweetest beige outfit with ruffles along the neck.

As Hartford played with her pacifier, Stassi couldn’t help but smile into the camera; she is just so in love with her little girl.

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