Steph Curry Drains Unthinkable Shot Against Celtics

Steph Curry Drains Unthinkable Shot Against Celtics


Could Stephen Curry leave the Golden State Warriors to play with LeBron James?

When it comes to ridiculous shot-making prowess, Golden State Warriors point guard Steph Curry is the owner of a deep catalogue.

A dozen electrifying seasons in the NBA have provided Curry opportunity to drain just about every type of impossible shot imaginable: Crossover step-back from 25 feet? Cash. Literally falling away from a double-team? Easy. Buzzer beater from the half court logo? Child’s play.

The highlight reels are mesmerizing, not to mention the definition of re-watchable.

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It is only vaguely surprising that the Warriors point guard has not yet evoked images of the legendary Meadowlark Lemon by un-ironically attempting a half court hook shot, for which the famed Harlem Globetrotter was so widely known.

In fact, it is difficult to imagine a scenario in which Curry could still be capable of conjuring surprise by way of a shot he made in the course of an actual NBA game. But where mortal imagination ends, Curry’s skill set endures.

Curry Connects on Unbelievable Shot in Boston

Steph CurrySteph Curry

GettySteph Curry hit an unthinkable shot against the Boston Celtics on Saturday, April 17, 2021.

The Warriors traveled to TD Garden on the evening of Saturday, April 17, to take on the Boston Celtics.

There were just under two minutes left to play in first half as the point guard handled the ball around the three-point line, elbow-extended, in front of the Warriors bench.

With Boston’s Grant Williams in pursuit, Curry shimmied his way behind the arc, pump-faked, jumped into the airborne defender to draw the foul and proceeded to sink a 22-foot, no-look hook shot with his off hand.

And one.

His Warrior teammates left the bench in celebration, while the shot left Williams in disbelief. The only blemish in the otherwise impossible play — Curry’s right foot was on the line, so the shot only counted for two points.

Curry Passes Legend on All-Time Scoring List With Surreal Play

Steph CurrySteph Curry

GettyGolden State Warrior Steph Curry continues to rocket up the all-time NBA scoring list.

If the shot itself wasn’t crazy enough, the play marked a milestone for the future Hall of Famer.

The no-look hook lifted Curry into a tie with Chris Mullin, former Warrior great and original Dream Team member, on the NBA’s all-time scoring list. The free throw that came after vaulted Curry into sole possession of 78th place with 17,912 career points, per NBC Sports.

The Warriors suffered a narrow defeat at the hands of the Celtics Saturday night, dropping the game by a score of 119-114 to fall one game under .500 with a record of 28-29.

Curry, however, put up an impressive stat line, dropping in 47 points on 15-27 from the field, including a blistering 11-19 from behind the three-point line. It is the tenth consecutive outing in which the Warriors point guard has scored at least 30 points.

The game itself — a mid-season contest between two middling teams in their respective conferences — isn’t likely to be widely remembered. But Curry’s magical shot is destined to live on in highlight reels for decades to come, as he continues to cement his place as perhaps the most prolific and deadly shooter to ever play the game of basketball.