Steph Curry Reveals He Reads Tweets During Games

Steph Curry Reveals He Reads Tweets During Games

The power of social media is just too much for Steph Curry.

Steph Curry had himself an incredible game last night as he scored 42 points in just three quarters and even got 11 three-pointers. It was a game to remember and Warriors fans were certainly singing his praises. In the middle of the game at around halftime, many noticed how Curry had liked a tweet that was talking about how well he was playing.

Come to find out, it was all part of a recent conversation he had on the “Dubs Talk” podcast where he admitted to his social media use during games. As Curry described, he likes to check Twitter in the middle of a game, regardless of how well he is playing. For him, it’s simply all entertainment.

“I might have like a sick mind. It’s pure entertainment for me, to be honest,” Curry said. “[I] don’t take myself too seriously when I play well or when I don’t, ‘cuz I know it’s the same intentions in trying to be great. So, like, when I go read ’em, it’s hilarious just how you want to fall off a cliff if I’m 0-for-8 from the 3-point line, or I’m not shooting enough … or a night like 53 [points against the Denver Nuggets on Monday] in chasin’ Wilt [Chamberlain] where I can do no wrong.”

It seems as though playing with Kevin Durant certainly left an impact on Curry as we all know KD is known for spending a bit too much time in Twitter. Hopefully, the insane hot takes don’t rot his brain as they have to everyone else on NBA Twitter.

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