Stockton Strong Forever Death Dead – Stockton Strong Forever Obituary: Cause of Death

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Stockton Strong Forever Death Dead – Stockton Strong Forever Obituary: Cause of Death

Stocky’s family and friends are asking for donations. We would like to provide him the memorial he deserves and relieve his parents of astronomical medical expenses. Please consider donating any amount as we know Stockton has touched many lives across the world. All donations will go directly to the Perry family.

“Stockton is our undiagnosed medical mystery, though we prefer “medical miracle”. Though his root condition (undiagnosed genetic syndrome) is still unknown. He has many other conditions that stem from it. So far Stockton has been hospitalized 60+ times, he has been taken by ambulance dozens of times, life flighted 6+ times, coded 6 times, we have had to revive him 3 times at home, he has had 13+ surgeries so far and dozens of casts and braces to correct his contractures. His list goes on and on.”
-Perry family 2017

“Early this morning the angels came and took Stockton home.
You will never ever hear me say he lost his fight, because the odds were stacked against him from the very beginning and he truly fought and lived until he was ready to leave. They told him he wouldn’t turn one, a few months ago he turned six.
He fought his fight on his terms and no one else’s. He left this world the same way…
Though he was ready, our hearts were not.
Stockton Dean Roy, my perfect, handsome, incredible boy. Thank you for every second. Every cuddle, every kiss, every laugh and every goofy smile.
I know you were ready baby boy. I know you’re not in pain anymore. I guess heaven was needing a hero.
Remember him silly, remember him smiling.
I love you with everything my angel, every single piece of my broken heart.”
-Cashlynn Perry (Mother) July 20, 2020

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