Stop Flashing Wealth: “It’s Kind Of Braggadocious” MC Eiht Warns Rappers

Waving piles of money while flaunting extravagance vehicles and costly gems is a rap diversion, yet some accept the practices can make distance between a craftsman and their crowd. Rap symbol MC Eiht has been in the business since the last part of the 1980s, so he’s seen rap and hip bounce develop and move consistently. He had a couple of comments about the gaudy activities of rappers and advised them that their fans can’t manage the cost of similar extravagances.

“There’s many individuals who don’t awaken and drive Bentleys, put on $100,000 chains, and can’t go purchase Birkin sacks and sh*t like that,” Eiht told HipHopDX. “There’s a great deal of us who live actually still and, you know, there’s gas charges, light bills, you gotta pay your home loan and you gotta purchase staple goods, so sort of places that in a reality condition of life isn’t a gathering.”

He added that in spite of the fact that somebody isn’t “dead bankrupt,” the normal individual’s life doesn’t include throwing around a huge number of dollars spontaneously. “Life is a battle. Many individuals don’t will in general understand that,” he said. “You get a ton of music and emceeing where individuals portray that ‘everything is incredible, life is awesome, I will drive a Lambo around.’ Okay, bravo, however we should not fail to remember, 80% of those individuals purchasing your music are presumably battling and normal muthaf*ckas consistently.”

MC Eiht cautioned specialists that they “should be cautious about the music you make” just as what they state to fans. “You makin’ melodies like, ‘I’m this, I’m that and I got everything,’ and you need the normal muthafucka to come spend they cash on your record when to me, it’s sort of braggadocious to your fanbase.”

“Simply make great music and on the off chance that you makin’ cash, you makin’ cash,” he added. “In the event that you got you a $100,000 chain, alright, fine, however I have an inclination that it’s an alternate situation when you just wanna put it in individuals’ appearances. ‘Better believe it, my chain costs 1,000,000, my vehicle costs $2 million,’ however the man who purchasing your record? He working all day consistently, getting a standard check, so don’t estrange your fans to cause them to feel like they ain’t crap ’cause they can’t accepting Birkin sacks and million-dollar chains.”

Do you concur with MC Eiht?