‘Summer House’ Hannah Berner Reacts to Costars Saying Des Bishop Used Her For Fame

‘Summer House’ Hannah Berner Reacts to Costars Saying Des Bishop Used Her For Fame


Hannah Berner of Summer House

Hannah Berner is speaking out about her costars reaction to her fast relationship with comedian Des Bishop. The 29-year-old “Summer House” star, who recently got engaged to the 45-year-old Irish comic after just a few months of dating, shot down suggestions that her fiance is using her for fame.

“My friends are going for Des and I’m like, ‘Come for me, just please leave Des out of it,” Berner told Us Weekly. “There’s this narrative that he’s, like, using me for the show or [Luke Gulbranson] said he used me and called him a ‘washed-up comedian’ and it’s so upsetting.”

Berner made it clear that her man doesn’t need her “Summer House” platform. “I’m so upset,” she said. “It’s not good for his career to go on this show. He has his own thing going on in Europe.”

“He did [the show] because he loved me,” she added.

Several members of The ‘Summer House’ Cast Hinted That Des is Using Hannah

Fans know that Berner met her older man just before she moved into the cast’s Hamptons beach house last summer. He ultimately visited her during filming and the two may or may not have ‘visited” a few of her costars’ rooms when the rest of the group went out.

“Summer House” star Amanda Batula told the “Everything Iconic with Danny Pellegrino” podcast that she doesn’t know Des will enough to say if he was using Berner at the start of their relationship.

“I was really happy to see him treat Hannah so well [and] just give her his undivided attention,” she said. “I hope that’s not what the case is and maybe it started off that way and then he actually fell in love with her.”

Batula’s fiance, Kyle Cooke, who has been embroiled in a feud with Berner most of this season, felt that Bishop came off as “two-faced” on the Bravo reality show.

“People are trying to overthink it like, ‘Kyle, did you know he was on two different reality shows prior to this? One in Asia, like, a dating show? Dancing With the Stars, the Ireland version,” he dished.

As For Berner’s “ex,”  Luke Gulbranson, the  Minnesota model said on camera that while he’s happy for Berner,  Bishop isn’t his cup of tea.

During an interview on  Access’ “Housewives Nightcap” show, Gulbranson said that he doesn’t have anything “against” Bishop, but that he rubbed him the wrong way from the start.

“When I met him, he kind of rubbed me the wrong way with some things he said and the way he carried himself,” Gulbranson explained. “I thought it was a bit disrespectful to the people in the house. Because of that, let’s just say, I wouldn’t be, like, ‘Let’s grab a beer and be friends.’ He’s not really my cup of tea.”

Hannah Denied Hooking Up With Her Man in Her Costars’ Bathroom

The cast of Bravo's Summer HouseThe cast of Bravo's Summer House

BravoPictured:(l-r) Ciara Miller, Luke Gulbranson, Paige DeSorbo, Danielle Olivera, Carl Radke, Lindsay Hubbard, Hannah Berner, Kyle Cooke, Amanda Batula

One of the reasons some of the “Summer House” stars aren’t fans of Bishop is because he boasted about his hookups with Berner– all over the house. After he blurted out that he didn’t kiss Berner on their first date, but had sex with her on their second,  Bishop joked that the two had relations in Batula and Cooke’s bathroom. But Berner set the record straight in her interview with Us.

“We did not have sex in the bathroom,” she confirmed. “We’re in there for 30 seconds. They’re acting like I’ve murdered someone. And, like, since when is sex on Summer House considered this disgusting thing? … I’m kind of confused by it all.”

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