Sunday Burquest Mourned by ‘Survivor’ Castmates


Sunday Burquest on ‘Survivor: Millennials vs Gen X’

There’s no doubt that the “Survivor” casts get super close after being on the show — and the ‘Millennials vs Gen X’ cast is mourning the loss of one of their own. Sunday Burquest died in April 2021 after a battle with cancer and castmate Bret LaBelle said it’s still really hard for their entire cast and her death touched them all in their own ways.

LaBelle Said He’s ‘Heartbroken’ He Can’t Talk to Burquest Anymore

In an interview with “Entertainment Weekly,” LaBelle praised how “special” the “Millennials vs. Gen X” cast is and says they’re all “heartbroken” over the loss of Burquest.

“It was a very special cast and I’m so proud to be a part of it. I’m heartbroken that I can no longer pick up the phone and call Sunday anymore. Or just send a text to check in with her. I think we all are,” said LaBelle.

He added that Burquest was “something special” and touched everyone’s lives.

“She was something special to each of us: mother, sister, aunt, therapist, life coach, family member, and friend. Losing Sunday was like losing a part of our season and our story. We all love you Sunday… you are missed every day,” said LaBelle.

LaBelle Said Her Death Brought Them Closer Together

In the interview, LaBelle also said that losing Burquest caused everyone in their cast to reconnect.

“With Sunday’s death, we have all taken time to reach out to each other and check in and mourn the loss of our friend. She really was special,” said LaBelle, adding, “[On ‘Survivor’], I met some of the most wonderful people who will be a part of my life until I’m gone.”

Burquest is the ninth member of the “Survivor” family to have died since their time on the show.

When Burquest died, host Jeff Probst paid tribute to her on Instagram, writing, “Sunday Burquest had one of the brightest smiles of any person to ever play Survivor. She radiated kindness and understanding to anyone lucky enough to be in her presence. She seemed to understand better than most, that life is for living, so say yes to life whenever possible. My condolences go out to her family and friends during this difficult time.”

LaBelle also wrote a note about his friend on Instagram at the death of her death, writing, “We would always find time to take a moment and enjoy each other’s company each day out there [on ‘Survivor’] and afterwards. Friendship like ours is so hard to find, I can’t believe I had to travel 8,000 miles to Fiji to find it!! I will cherish every moment, every sunset, every belly laugh we shared together. Thank you for your kindness, your warmth, your friendship, and your love. Goodbye my friend, I miss you and I love you.”

Burquest left behind her husband Jeff and her four children — sons Brock, Carter, and Tucker, and daughter Kennedy.

“Survivor” is back in production now. If the pattern holds, it should be premiering its 41st season the third or fourth week of September 2021.

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