Super League dissenters will have to pay monumental fine


The failed formation of the European Super League, following the mass backing out of the Premier League clubs involved, has left UEFA with some difficult decisions to make in the coming weeks.

‘Sanctions’ is a word that has been tossed about in various quarters, though it’s unclear exactly in what form such retribution will appear.

Speculation has mounted over the continued viability of Chelsea’s upcoming Champions League semi-final clash with Real Madrid.

“Madrid president Florentino Perez still believes in the project, though his involvement could see his own club thrown out of the current Champions League,” Daniel Blackham wrote for the Daily Star. “Perez had agreed to become the president of the new breakaway league, with other club owners from around Europe taking a role.”

One might suspect that the Premier League clubs involved in the failed breakaway league would be cut a degree of slack in comparison to their Spanish counterparts, particularly Madrid who remain stubbornly committed to a sunken ship.

“The key is that this season has already started, so broadcasters would come at us for damages if we don’t play the semi-finals,” UEFA Chief Aleksander ?eferin was quoted as saying by Marca.

“So, there’s a relatively small possibility that this match isn’t played next week.

“But, things could be a little different in the future.”

The reality of the situation remains, however, that UEFA, similarly to the Premier League, can’t afford to lose the clubs who were intending to join the Super League.

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Punishment of some form will be dished out, most likely in the form of a fine post-season, with the administrative body unlikely to pull the plug on the Blues’ upcoming clash so deep into the competition.