‘Survivor’ Season 42 Filming Delayed by Fiji Flight Ban


Jeff Probst has hosted Survivor since its inception 20 years ago.

There’s some good news and some bad news about the next two seasons of “Survivor,” fans. The good news is season 41 is almost wrapped. The bad news is that season 42 may be delayed. Read on to find out why and what this means for the show during the 2021-2022 television season.

Season 42 May Be Delayed by Fiji’s Travel Restrictions

Back in mid-March, Fiji began welcoming the “Survivor” production crew for the upcoming seasons, confirming that seasons 41 and 42 would be filmed close together in Fiji this spring/summer. Then host Jeff Probst confirmed on March 22 that they were back in production.

However, according to Radio New Zealand, a COVID-19 outbreak in Fiji in early May brought about a nationwide lockdown and the country began restricting international travel.

At a press conference, Ministry of Health and Medical Services permanent secretary Dr. James Fong said that Fiji started banning international travelers on April 22, according to the Fiji Times. The travel ban is still in effect, according to the U.S. State Department website.

“I want to be clear with everyone: Fiji suspended all international passenger flights from all countries on the 22nd of April,” said Dr. Fong, adding, “We are not labeling countries as high-risk or low-risk – we simply are not taking passengers from any countries at all.”

He also said that they “need a much firmer grasp on this outbreak” before they would even consider reopening international travel to Fiji.

What does this mean for season 42? According to Inside Survivor, season 42 was supposed to begin filming at the end of May, which means the cast had to arrive several weeks before that in order to quarantine for two weeks. Now that the travel ban is in place, the cast can’t be flown into the country to quarantine.

The most recent update from Dr. Fong, which was in a press conference on May 10, was that right now, they have to maintain a strict lockdown while they watch and track the cases.

“One of the things that we need to do is prepare Fiji for the long haul. I cannot, given the wave of cases that are coming up, I cannot take away the possibility that we may have to continue this type of operation for a very long time. I cannot take away the poss that we may have to enforce another 24-hour curfew type of lockdown. … We need to be prepared for all eventualities,” said Dr. Fong, adding, “I want you to be open in your preparation for all types of course of action.”

The Good News is Season 41 Is Almost Finished

At least the fall season of “Survivor” won’t be affected. Inside Survivor reports that season 41 is almost wrapped, so there shouldn’t be any problem getting it on the air beginning in September, which is when “Survivor” usually begins airing its fall season.

The only thing they would have left to film would be the live finale and reunion show, which, by December 2021, “Survivor” might be able to do in person in Los Angeles.

Hopefully, Fiji will get its outbreak under control and season 42 can film in June. But if the travel ban stays in place for months, there’s no telling when the spring season will be able to be shot.

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