Survivor’s Alicia Calaway Reflects on Her Fight with Kimmi


Back in 2001, it was the finger wave that everyone was talking about.

Back in 2001, it was the finger wave that everyone was talking about. Survivor Alicia Calaway proclaimed she would “always” wave her finger during a now-infamous fight with fellow competitor Kimmi Kappenberg during Survivor: The Australian Outback, the second season of the long-running reality show. The players got into an argument over the chickens, with Alicia accusing Kimmi of getting emotionally attached to the group’s source of food. Twenty years later, Alicia wishes she handled things a little differently.

In fact, the way Alicia handled her fight with Kimmi is her biggest regret from the Outback.

“My biggest regret would have to be the infamous fight I had with Kimmi over the chickens,” Alicia told Entertainment Weekly in an exclusive interview on May 5. “I’m not proud of the fact that I was unable to keep my cool.”

Since Survivor is currently on hiatus, EW has been interviewing legendary competitors from the competition series. Season 41 wrapped up filming in Fiji, but season 42 might be delayed because of new travel restrictions related to the coronavirus pandemic.

Alicia Is Still Trying to Learn From Her Experience on ‘Survivor’

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Looking back, Alicia realized that the fight with Kimmi was ultimately a learning experience. Decades later she’s still working on keeping her calm in stressful situations.

“You learn a lot about yourself when you watch yourself on TV, especially when you’re faced with situations that are way out of your comfort zone,” she told EW. “To this day, I’m still working on having patience and staying calm under pressure. It’s not easy!”

While Alicia was portrayed as “aggressive” and a “serious” competitor, she said the show missed out on her true nature. “I love to joke, laugh, and have fun. Not a lot of those moments made it onto the show,” Alicia explained to EW. “After my family and friends saw the show, they asked why they didn’t see me smile or laugh more. I regret the fact that the viewers didn’t get a chance to see more sides of my personality.”

How the Fight Over the Chickens Went Down

Survrivror: Alicia vs Kimmi & The ChickensKimmi who is a vegetarian had to watch the Chickens getting slaughtered every day and Alicia was just over it. polar opposites those 2. The hand motions are the best in this scene: Kimmi’s giant hands and Alicia’s waving fingers. And poor Elisabeth is just standing there in between them. Skupin and Nick’s reactions at…2015-01-03T03:44:21Z

For anyone who might need a little refresher of the infamous fight, Alicia was annoyed that Kimmi was trying to argue they didn’t need to eat protein every day during the competition.

“You’re active every day. You need protein every day,” Alicia told her.

When Kimmi said she had a problem with Alicia’s attitude, the Survivor star started to lose her cool.

“What you just said is not true. We should be having protein every day. If we have to have the chickens we will,” Alicia explained. “You are the one who is getting defensive about the chickens. So do not yell at me about the chickens.”

Alicia was about to walk away when Kimmi told her to stop waving her finger. In a moment that would soon become iconic, Alicia said, “I will always wave my finger in your face” and “I’m tired of you and the f***ing chickens. You heard it.”

Season 41 of Survivor does not yet have a premiere date.

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