‘Survivor’s’ Jeff Probst Remembers Sunday Burquest

‘Survivor’s’ Jeff Probst Remembers Sunday Burquest


Survivor host Jeff Probst

Season 41 of “Survivor” is currently filming in Fiji, but when the news reached host Jeff Probst that castaway Sunday Burquest had lost her battle with cancer, he quickly took to Instagram to pay tribute to the fallen contestant.

Here is what he said about Burquest.

Probst Praised Her Bright Smile

Burquest was part of season 33 of “Survivor,” the Millennials vs. Gen X season. She was actually the oldest woman competing at the age of 45. Now five years later, she lost her battle with cancer and died at age 50. Probst remembered her for her bright smile and extraordinary kindness.

“Sunday Burquest had one of the brightest smiles of any person to ever play ‘Survivor.’ She radiated kindness and understanding to anyone lucky enough to be in her presence,” wrote Probst. “She seemed to understand better than most, that life is for living, so say yes to life whenever possible. My condolences go out to her family and friends during this difficult time.”

Burquest is survived by her husband Jeff and her four children Brock, Carter, Kennedy, and Tucker. Burquest’s daughter Kennedy is the one who broke the news of her mother’s passing, writing on Instagram:

It breaks my heart to know you will never get to see me on my wedding day, or be there when I have my first kid. But I know you’re watching over me. Although it hurts me so bad to watch you go, I’m so happy you are happy again. I’m happy you get to be with Jesus, and see your dad. I’m happy you aren’t in pain anymore. I’m happy I got to have these past few months with you. I loved taking care of you. You’ll always be my favorite patient. I love you to heaven and back a million times. I know one day we will meet again. Until then, I’ll spend every minute missing you, and trying to make you proud. Rest easy mom, I’ll see you soon.

The ‘Survivor’ Family Is Also Remembering Burquest

On Probst’s Instagram post, Chrissy Hofbeck of “Survivor: Heroes vs Healers vs Hustlers” wrote, “Jeff, thank you for loving her like this, it means a lot.”

Hofbeck is part of a group of “Survivor” alumni that have dubbed themselves the “Survivor Mom Squad.” They were able to get together last fall with Burquest in what looked like a wonderful weekend of friendship and laughter.

Other “Survivor” castaways chimed in on Probst’s post as well. Elaine Stott wrote, “Prayers for her family and friends” and Jessica “Figgy” Figueroa from Burquest’s season wrote, “Jeff, thank you for bringing Sunday into my life.”

Donathan Hurley posted several broken heart emojis and wrote, “You will be terribly missed, Sunday!”

“Survivor” winner Ethan Zohn wrote, “…And the sun rose in her eyes…. Sending love and light to the Burquest Tribe and ‘Survivor’ family during this sad time.”

On daughter Kennedy’s post, several of Burquest’s “Millennials vs Gen X” co-stars offered their sympathy and grief.

Adam Klein wrote, “When I look at you (Kennedy), I see her. I will get to see my friend Sunday as I watch you on your journey. Your special connection with your mom will always carry you through the tough decisions and important moments of your life.”

Rachel Ako and Jessica Lewis from their season wrote, “Sunday’s memory lives on [heart emojis]” and “Your mother impressed me from the moment I saw her. To meet her only confirmed all I had imagined. She will always be my ‘cookie mom’ and I was truly blessed to have known her and lived an experience of a lifetime with her.”

Leslie Nease from the “Survivor Mom Squad” wrote, “Sending love and prayers to you and your family. Your mom is literally one of the most stellar humans I’ve ever met.”

Burquest is the ninth member of the “Survivor” family to have passed away.

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