Taylor Cole Is Married to Producer Husband Cameron Larson

Taylor Cole Is Married to Producer Husband Cameron Larson

In addition to writing the film, Larson also made a cameo in Sand Sharks as a dirt bike rider. According to IMDb, he even did his own motorcycle stunts for the movie. Not only does the writer/producer pen original screenplays, he has also tried his hand at adapted screenplays. Jules Verne’s Mysterious Island (which Larson also produced) was loosely based on an 1875 novel written by Jules Verne.

Although Taylor Cole has amazing chemistry with Hallmark co-stars such as Tyler Hynes and Ryan Paevey, there’s no doubt that her off-screen romance with writer Larson is the real fairytale. In a sweet Instagram birthday post dedicated to Larson, Cole wrote, “Behind the scenes doesn’t mean you’re not my narrative.”

3) He’s a Graduate of Hamilton College

In 2001, Larson graduated from Hamilton College, a private liberal arts college in Clinton, New York. The school is quite prestigious. Forbes ranked it 59th in the nation in 2019. The school’s website describes the institution as “a national leader in teaching students to write effectively.”

Larson graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in theatre, which is a bit ironic seeing as he went on to pursue a career behind the scenes. By contrast, his actress wife did not start pursuing acting until she paid her mother and stepfather a visit in Los Angeles. Taylor Cole did not attend college as she was acting on Summerland by the time she was in her early 20’s.

Larson’s alma mater seems very proud to have a Hallmark producer alumnus. In a 2015 Twitter post, the college announced that Larson had been named Crown Media Family Networks’ programming director.

According to a supportive Facebook post from a former college classmate, Larson played basketball during his time at Hamilton. The post reads, “shout out to my dude & former trash talking teammate on my Hamilton College intramural basketball team, Cameron Larson, for chasing his producing dreams and making us proud!”

4) He Tells Spooky Tales on His Instagram Page

Under the Instagram handle @Ghstwrtr (‘Ghostwriter’ with no vowels), Larson posts evocative and slightly eerie photos and pairs them with captions that tell a story. The Hallmark producer takes the photos himself. They are typically in black and white and feature spooky edits such as large full moons in the background.

Taylor Cole is a regular fixture in @Ghstwrtr’s photo-stories. When COVID-19 led to a lockdown in March 2020, Larson began a series called ‘The Quarantine Diaries’ on his Instagram page. The captions combined elements of Larson and Cole’s real quarantine experience with fictional supernatural elements.