Taylor Reveals Her ‘Struggle’ After Becoming a Teen Mom

Taylor Reveals Her ‘Struggle’ After Becoming a Teen Mom


“16 & Pregnant” subject Taylor says she’s has matured since becoming a mother at 18 years old.

Things haven’t exactly been easy for Taylor after completing her episode of 16 & Pregnant. MTV concluded the season with Taylor’s episode, which showed her struggling to navigate her pregnancy with two “overprotective” parents and two men who want to help raise her son.

Taylor, 18, hails from a small town in Wisconsin. Taylor admitted to partying to paying attention in school, so she attended a military program and was preparing to enlist before she became pregnant. She and her ex-boyfriend Armani had already split when she discovered she was going to be a mother.

Taylor’s story gets more complicated. She was going to have an abortion but changed her mind after facing protestors. There’s also another twist: She started to date her current partner, Desmond, while she’s two months pregnant — and Desmond used to be Armani’s best friend.

Taylor was afraid of being judged for her pregnancy. “When I first found out I was pregnant, I was worried about what everyone else was going to think,” she told Heavy in an email. “My mom was very supportive from the beginning and said she’d be there for me no matter what I decided to do. My dad was upset at first, but further down the road, he started supporting me.”

Armani had a different reaction, and “didn’t believe” Taylor when she told him she was pregnant. Even though it was unexpected, Taylor was excited to have a baby. “But I also was scared because of how young I was at the time,” she said.

Taylor Admitted to Having Regrets

If she could do things differently, Taylor might have picked to hang around different friends.

“I think a regret I have is who I decided to surround myself with around the time I got pregnant,” she said.

It’s been difficult for her to maintain her relationships with her friends. “The hardest thing I had to deal with is probably losing touch with my friends,” Taylor said. “A lot of my friends couldn’t relate to what I was going through, so we drifted apart.”

Even though things haven’t been easy, Taylor knows what she wants to teach her son, Montgomery. “I hope he grows up to respect everyone who respects him and treats people the way he wants to be treated,” she said, adding she would like to have more children in the future.

The MTV subject is nervous about appearing on TV, noting she was “shy around the cameras,” but the reason she wanted to appear on the series was to her story out and “maybe help other young mothers going through the same thing.”

Taylor Shares Her Biggest ‘Struggle’

The hardest thing for Taylor to deal with since becoming a mother is speaking with her ex.

I wish I would have known before I got pregnant is probably how much of a struggle it would be to communicate with the father of my child,” she told Heavy.

There have also been some upsides to having a child. “I think I have become more mature,” Taylor explained. “In the past, if I heard stuff about me, I would instantly go and confront that person, but now I just really don’t care and I ignore it.”

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