Teck Holmes Reveals Behind-the-Scenes Elimination Controversy

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The Challenge: All Stars

The Challenge: All Stars has been heating up with four episodes now released on Paramount Plus and viewers have been very impressed with the level of competition of each challenge and elimination. Warning: This article contains spoilers for the third episode of The Challenge: All Stars, which dropped on Paramount Plus on April 15.

During the third episode, Nehemiah Clark went into elimination because he was the captain of the losing team for the daily challenge. After he and Teck Holmes exchanged words at the daily challenge, Nehemiah called out Teck for elimination and the Real World: Hawaii star saved the house having to vote for someone by volunteering himself to go in.

The elimination involved both contestants having to race in to a structure and punch out their own colored tiles on each side and the top of the structure and then race back out to the starting point. While it seemed pretty clear-cut, host TJ Lavin announced a twist at the beginning, whereby Teck and Nehemiah had to chew and swallow Carolina Reapers, the world’s hottest peppers.

As TJ blew the horn, Teck got a delayed start as he threw up right away, but then appeared to catch up to Nehemiah and both were neck-and-neck throughout the quick elimination. Nehemiah managed to edge out Teck and eliminated the Challenge 2000 competitor, sending the beloved contestant home.

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Teck Said They Both Missed Pieces in the Elimination & Ran in to Fix Them But the Result Was the Same

On Challenge Mania, Teck said because he had a bad start and threw up after eating the hot pepper, he went into panic mode and missed one of the pieces. “I panicked and I missed one at the top. And come to find out he missed one at the bottom.” He said when they both finished the elimination he was just sitting and looking at it, “I’m like, did we both miss one?” He said it’s no excuse but his mind wasn’t sharp because of his mouth and stomach were on fire. “I’m just like, what do I do now?”

He said, “the horn had already blown and I’m like so it must be over.” He said he should have just gotten up and walked back and punched out the remaining tile and come back to the finish line. “Long story short, TJ blew the horn again, we ran back in, we hit the bricks out, mine was up top, his was at the bottom, he still got out before I did cause I had to climb, he didn’t, he jumped out I lost still.” He said it was “inconsequential” because Nehemiah won both times.

Host Derrick Kosinski and fellow All Stars contestant said both competitors seemed to realize at the same time that they were missing a piece and he and Yes Duffy both pointed out the two missing pieces. Derrick said, “I don’t even think [TJ] reset you guys, you guys just took off.” Teck explained he didn’t even think to go back at first because he’d heard TJ blow the horn to signal the end of the elimination so he thought it was over.

Jemmye Carroll Said the Opposite, According to Reports, & Claimed That Teck Won the 1st Time

Another cast member on The Challenge: All Stars, Jemmye Carroll, spoke on the Aftermath show about her connection with Teck and Nehemiah and how difficult it was to watch them both go into elimination knowing one of the two would go home. According to Cheat Sheet, she also spoke about the confusion behind the scenes at the elimination on her Patreon recap but she claimed that Teck initially won the first part of the elimination.

She said that Darrell Taylor was the one who pointed out that both of them missed a piece and producers then made the two men return to finish the challenge. Jemmye said it was at that point that Nehemiah finished first in front of Teck and became the winner. Neither Teck nor Nehemiah addressed Jemmye’s comments specifically but both Derrick and Teck spoke about the situation on the Challenge Mania podcast and agreed that Nehemiah won both times.

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