Teen Mom Star Is Not Pleased With MTV

Teen Mom Star Is Not Pleased With MTV


A current “Teen Mom” star took aim at MTV.

Teen Mom Mackenzie McKee star took aim at MTV, claiming they were disrespectful to her late mother Angie Douthit during the contentious season nine reunion. The Oklahoma native’s mother died in December 2019 after a two-year battle with brain cancer.

According to Mackenzie, MTV interviewed her father about his late wife, but never they aired it. Instead, they showed her husband Josh McKee’s volatile moments with host Dr. Drew Pinsky and Mackenzie addressing and learning from her racism scandal involving Vice President Kamala Harris.

“My daddy poured his heart out when filming the reunion and opened up about grief and depression from missing his wife,” Mackenzie wrote in a since-deleted tweet, per The Sun. “It was beautiful but they left it all out and focused on something else. I wish you all could have seen.”

Mackenzie Removed Comments About MTV

Mackenzie has since deleted several tweets where she called out MTV yet again, claiming they didn’t allow her to apologize properly before the reunion aired.

“I’m sorry for how I am about to be portrayed on this Tuesday’s episode,” she tweeted on April 24. “It does fit the agenda but it does not fit my heart and who I am. For three weeks I was bullied into not being able to say a true apology from my heart on my platform (which was the right thing to do) because they wanted to control how it was portrayed.”

Mackenzie, 25, also removed comments related to co-star Cheyenne Floyd, who apparently blew Mackenzie off after she referred to Harris — the first woman and the first woman of color to ascend to the vice presidency — as “colored.” Cheyenne, a Black woman, has been championing the Black Lives Matter movement and did not publicly respond to Mackenzie’s criticisms.

“I talked to Cheyenne and I thought things were going to be amazing but it was just a downward spiral from there,” she said during an Instagram live on April 24. “We need to get rid of the racism and racial injustice but I’m not racist. Cancel culture is too big, we’re canceling people left and right.”

“Her message back was ‘I have no sympathy for you. Welcome to day one of being uncomfortable because of the color of your skin,‘” Mackenzie continued. “So if she hates me, that’s fine. That’s fine because I said something ignorant, but I messaged and told her that I love her.”

Mackenzie Said She Was ‘Humiliated’ by the Racism Scandal

Mackenzie did issue an official apology during the season nine reunion, saying she was committed to learning more about racism.

“Being humiliated opened a door for me,” she said. “I hurt people and I want to make sure my children don’t hurt other people because they weren’t educated.”

“I used a word that I thought I was politically correct on and I woke up the next day with all these articles saying I’m racist and I would have never used that word if I knew it was derogatory,” she said. “I never meant to hurt anyone and to anyone who I did hurt I’m so sorry.”

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