Teneria McClendon Death – Dead: Teneria McClendon Obituary

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Teneria McClendon Cause of Death | Teneria McClendon Died on July 18, 2020. She was shot and killed at the age of 16.

Donna Ghent wrote;

She was a good girl, “She was in advanced classes at school. She didn’t bother anybody. She wanted to be a nurse. This is a senseless death. She was a baby.”

Teneria McClendon had a sense of humor,” one of McClendon’s cousins said. “She liked to laugh and play. She loved lashes and hair. She loved doing hair, period. We’re just asking for your prayers and all of the support we can get.”

BREAKING: Loved ones say 16 year-old Teneria McClendon was smart and passionate about becoming a pediatric nurse. Police say she died after an altercation outside of WAWA gas station last night. Family and friends will hold a vigil tonight #Jacksonville #RIPTeneria

According to the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office, the shooting happened after an argument inside the store that escalated in the parking lot. McClendon’s family, however, said that’s not what happened.

Family members said McClendon and three of her cousins were in the car waiting for her mom who was inside paying. They said the woman who shot McClendon pulled up in her car and almost hit them. Family members said they told the woman she almost hit them and the woman jumped out of the car and yelled at them.

“She’s gone. My niece lost her child because somebody got a gun,” Ghent said.

According to the family, McClendon’s mother, who’s pregnant, came out and told them to talk to her, not McClendon. The family said the woman tried to fight McClendon’s mother, the teen stood up for her mom and the woman shot the 16-year-old.

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