Teresa Giudice’s Boyfriend Luis: RHONJ Cast Weighs In

Teresa Giudice


Teresa Giudice

During the May 5, 2021 episode of “The Real Housewives of New Jersey,” viewers will finally be introduced to Teresa Giudice’s new boyfriend, Luis Ruelas. So, what does the rest of the RHONJ cast think of the new man in her life?

So far, it seems like Giudice definitely has the approval of her fellow “Real Housewives of New Jersey” stars, especially from her best friends, Dolores Catania and Jennifer Aydin.

In February 2021, Catania told Us Weekly about Giudice’s new relationship, “When you find a man to be gentle with you and you’ve been so hard your whole life — you’ve had to survive, you’ve detached yourself from things and you can’t get emotional because then you’re not going to survive walking into a jail or you’re not going to survive a crazy divorce — you have to detach your feelings. We’re going to see a different side of Teresa after all of this.”

And, during an April 2021 interview with HollywoodLife, Catania continued to gush about Ruelas. “I’ve met Luis,” Catania revealed. “He’s an awesome guy.”

Aydin also seems to be supportive of Giudice’s new relationship. “They make a great couple and I wish them all the best,” Aydin told HollywoodLife in January. “They both seem very much in love with each other is what I can tell, not that she’s told me. From what I can see, she’s very much in love. More power to them.”

Melissa Gorga Also Approves of Ruelas

Aydin and Catania aren’t the only ones who approve of Giudice’s new man. Giudice’s sister-in-law, Melissa Gorga, also thinks that the two make a great pair.

“I like him,” Gorga revealed during a February 24 appearance on Watch What Happens Live. “I think he’s a nice guy. I think she is super happy. They’re in that puppy love [stage] right now. So it all seems good. Ultimately, I want her to be happy because if she’s happy it’s better for the kids, it’s better for everyone. She needs to be happy, and she’s on cloud nine with him.”

Ruelas Has Met Giudice’s Children and Ex-Husband

It appears that the ladies of “The Real Housewives of New Jersey” haven’t been the only people in Giudice’s life to meet Ruelas so far. In April, Giudice’s ex-husband, Joe Giudice, met Ruelas while they were all on a family vacation in The Bahamas with their four daughters. “I believe we deserve to all be happy and our children will thank us for it,” Joe Giudice told Us Weekly after they had met. “I am genuinely happy for both Teresa and Luis and wish them the best!“

Of course, pleasing Joe Giudice is not the final piece of the puzzle. During a February interview with E! News, Giudice revealed how her daughters feel about Ruelas. “They like him, they think he’s great also, which I’m glad,” Giudice told the outlet at the time.

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