‘Terrell Owens Rips Open ‘Puke’ Band-Aid’ on Donovan McNabb


As the gloss blurs on the Philadelphia Eagles first (and just) Super Bowl title, how about we return to the blurred one that practically fitted Terrell Owens and Donovan McNabb for rings. The establishment’s one-time powerful couple harshly separated in 2005 and the support installments continue coming via the post office.

Owens affected the fight indeed on Wednesday during a meeting with Master Tesfatsion on Bleacher Report’s “Untold Stories.” In it, the Hall of Famer recipient gives one stunning new wrinkle: McNabb was out celebrating the prior night Super Bowl XXXIX and that is the reason he vomited in the huddle. Interesting, correct?

Also, he has evidence. Owens guarantees a few colleagues (and one previous safety officer) saw him drinking liquor and thinks a headache added to him hurling. McNabb likewise tossed three captures (75.4 passer rating) in the 24-21 misfortune.

“I know there were partners I conversed with as of late who said they saw him hurl in the group,” Owens stated, through the New York Post. “I’ve conversed with partners from that point forward and know beyond a shadow of a doubt that he was out the night prior to the greatest game pretty a lot of the entirety of our professions there. There were individuals that saw him out and said he was drinking. I feel that added to him hurling in the cluster.”

Naw, I was in my hyperbaric chamber resting. We had a BIG GAME the following day. I think it was Super Bowl 39! https://t.co/x2Q7hgvpqj

— Terrell Owens (@terrellowens) December 30, 2020

Owens proceeded to state that he “by and by didn’t see” McNabb vomiting on the field yet the six-time Pro Bowler had no issue utilizing the quarterback’s helpless molding propensities against him.

“He’s clearly had a background marked by molding issues,” Owens stated, alluding to McNabb’s battles with weight and injury. “I felt like that was flippant, particularly for someone of his type, his status, to clearly be the head of the group, and you’re out the night prior to the greatest round of your profession.”

T.O. says colleagues disclosed to him Donovan McNabb was out drinking the prior night Super Bowl XXXIX

New scene of “Untold Stories” with @MasterTeshttps://t.co/zPM4XDMZ0m pic.twitter.com/K1CpDo16Ep

— B/R Gridiron (@brgridiron) December 30, 2020

Freddie Mitchell Furthers Feud on Social Media

Hank Fraley was the principal individual to blow the whistle on PukeGate in 2005 when he uncovered McNabb had been vomiting in the final quarter of Super Bowl XXXIX. The previous Eagles community said the quarterback was muttering at a certain point, as per ESPN, and Freddie Mitchell needed to call out the play in the group.

Mitchell — McNabb’s teammates in Philly from 2001-04 — later affirmed the report by saying it was “my first time being the quarterback in the NFL,” and he’s been savaging McNabb about it for right around 16 years now. Typically, Mitchell played around with Owens’ new remarks while (despicably?) hauling McNabb’s 2018 DUI capture into the discussion.

🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 watchwords: extraordinary chance https://t.co/IvTUE29DWG

— Terrell Owens (@terrellowens) December 30, 2020

The Eagles delivered Owens in 2006 on awful standing originating from his stressed relationship with McNabb that isolated the storage space. The Hall of Fame recipient has over and over kept up his blamelessness, countering that most colleagues preferred him and McNabb got envious.

Owens Offers Opinion on Hall of Fame Chances

The show should be finished, particularly after Owens got a glossy bronze bust in Canton. It’s a room that McNabb urgently needs to be in as proven by his kept lobbying for the honor. He is the best sign guest in Eagles establishment history: 37,276 passing yards, 234 passing scores. All in all, would he say he is adequately commendable?

“I’m not on the democratic board of trustees,” Owens said in October. “On the off chance that his numbers are in accordance with that class, there’s various folks they vote in consistently, so on the off chance that the numbers state he’s a Hall of Famer, at that point he’s a Hall of Famer.”