The 10 Best Star Trek Comics – What We Know!

Although largely referred to as a TV and movie franchise, Star Trek can be a particularly common property on this planet of books and comics. With a universe of potentialities to discover, it was solely pure that the adventures of Star Trek would make their strategy to the pages of the comedian ebook medium.

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Whether or not it was miniseries from IDW publishing, or prolonged ongoing collection from DC comics, Star Trek has been a fixed presence on this planet of comics for many years. As a result of there are such a lot of potential tales to inform, Trek will proceed to be a go-to comedian franchise for years to return.


Star Trek: Deep Area 9 — Too Lengthy A Sacrifice (2020)

Odo walks away as an explosion happens behind him from Star Trek Too Long A Sacrifice

Ever since writer IDW took over the Star Trek license, they’ve used it as a possibility to inform a plethora of attention-grabbing one-off tales. Too Lengthy a Sacrifice is about through the darkest days of Deep Area 9‘s Dominion Warfare, and focuses on Odo as he investigates a collection of terrorist assaults on the station.

Odo was at all times certainly one of DS9‘s greatest characters every season, and the ebook permits him to shine in comedian kind as nicely. Instructed extra like a noir story than an episode of Trek, the ebook is each darkish and interesting. Helped alongside by its uniquely cinematic artwork fashion, the story is wealthy and sophisticated, and there’s by no means a boring second through the 4 subject run.

Star Trek (1967-1979)

Spock looks on from the cover of Star Trek Gold Key comics

When the present was canceled on the finish of the Sixties, followers of Star Trek have been left with little of their favourite franchise to get pleasure from. To fill that void, writer Gold Key Comics produced a month-to-month Trek collection that introduced the additional adventures of The Unique Collection.

Although canonically ignored at present, the Gold Key tales are recognizably Star Trek, and really feel like misplaced episodes of the present. Not afraid to take the tales in unusual, distinctly comedian ebook instructions, the collection was a novel interpretation of the collection and even launched new characters.

Star Trek: The Final Technology (2008-2009)

Captain Picard and Sulu fire phasers from Last Generation

The Myriad Universe that was developed for the Star Trek novels was excellent fodder for the comics and IDW jumped on the concept rapidly. The Final Technology is a alternate timeline miniseries that explores what would have occurred if James Kirk had did not cease the assassination try through the occasions of Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Nation.

Set throughout the identical time because the early seasons of The Subsequent Technology, the story sees a model of earth that has been conquered by the Klingon Empire. Although the story is darker and fewer optimistic than the everyday Trek fare, it’s nonetheless an enchanting glimpse into what may have been.

Star Trek/Planet Of The Apes: Primate Directive (2014-2015)

An ape soldier sits in the captain's chair wearing a starfleet uniform

The world of comics permits writers to discover unusual and strange crossovers that will in any other case not be potential in movie and TV. Primate Directive sees the crew of the Enterprise enter one other universe the place the occasions of The Planet of the Apes movies happen. Following a ship filled with Klingons onto the planet, the Enterprise bunch should discover a strategy to take care of the Klingons with out violating the prime directive.

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Regardless of its wacky premise, the story is tightly written and is kind of trustworthy to the lore of each franchises. The simplicity of the setup permits the unusual storyline to really feel like an prolonged episode of the TV collection and it by no means goes too far with its idea.

Star Trek: The Q Battle (2019)

Q looks over the crews of various Trek shows

Every of the Star Trek tv collection have their very own distinctive taste, and a narrative that mixed all of them was an attention-grabbing proposition. The Q Battle sees captains Kirk, Picard, Sisko, and Janeway collectively in a rigged competitors that was organized by the all-powerful being referred to as Q.

Seeing the characters mix their particular strengths collectively was a dream come true for Trek followers, and seeing it in service of a Q story was even higher. The ebook, although complicated, stays true to its supply materials and writes its characters precisely to the way in which they have been portrayed of their respective reveals.

Star Trek: Crew (2009)

Number One discovers bodies from Star Trek Crew

Although there’s a wealth of Star Trek media, there are nonetheless many characters who’s backstories haven’t been fleshed out. Star Trek: Crew follows the early profession of the character Quantity One who served as first officer on the Enterprise beneath Captain Pike.

Solely seen within the episode “The Cage”, Quantity One noticed a a lot bigger function within the expanded universe and appeared in comics and books often. Crew explores her profession and the steps she took to get herself into the vaunted place that she ultimately earned. Instructed like an anthology, every subject of the miniseries focuses on a special a part of her profession.

Star Trek: The Subsequent Technology — Mirror Damaged (2017)

The Mirror universe Picard looks on from Mirror Broken

Although the mirror universe episodes are sometimes one of the best episodes of Star TrekTNG by no means took the time to discover it throughout its seven seasons. Mirror Damaged catches the reader on top of things on the mirror universe and reveals what every of the members of the TNG crew is doing within the alternate universe.

One of many strengths of the miniseries is its capability to impart a whole lot of data in a digestible and fun-to-read method. The mirror universe is simply as sophisticated as the traditional timeline, and it was due to this fact essential to catch the reader up rapidly. Although the story isn’t as fleshed out as different miniseries, it’s nonetheless an enchanting glimpse into the mirror universe.

Star Trek: 12 months 4 (2007-2008)

The enterprise flies while Uhura fires a phaser from Star Trek Year Four

After its premature cancelation after three seasons, many followers of Star Trek have been left to invest as to what occurred within the different years of the crew’s 5 12 months mission. 12 months 4 makes an attempt to fill in these gaps by presenting tales set through the fourth 12 months of the journey.

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Primarily performing as a fourth season of TOS12 months 4 reads like most of the greatest episodes of The Unique Collection and may be very a lot in the identical spirit because the present. The anthology fashion of the tales makes them infinitely re-readable, and there’s something for each kind of Trek aficionado.

Star Trek (1984-1996)

The crew of the Enterprise look on from the cover of Star Trek Comics

When DC comics took over the Star Trek license within the Eighties, they didn’t hesitate to capitalize on a world of alternatives. Set over two volumes, Star Trek is maybe probably the most complete ongoing Trek comedian of all time. Telling tales set through the TOS period in addition to between the movies, every subject additional explored the universe of Trek.

The scope of the collection is spectacular and it’s nonetheless the longest operating Trek comedian of all time. On high of that, it additionally introduced outdated characters in new tales, in addition to fleshed out the backstories of the Enterprise’s primary crew.

Star Trek: Mission’s Finish (2009)

Sulu and Spock grapple with an Orion from Star Trek Mission's End

Whereas many tales have been informed through the Enterprise’s 5 12 months mission, none had tried to ascertain what occurred on her final voyage. Mission’s Finish sees the Enterprise brokering negotiations that will enable the planet Archernar IV to hitch the Federation.

The great thing about the story is the way it cleverly establishes the place Kirk, Spock, and McCoy find yourself and why they’re the place they’re originally of Star Trek The Movement Image. Although books like 12 months 5 informed tales inside the final 12 months of their journey, solely Mission’s Finish tried to wrap issues up neatly.

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