The 5 Easiest Games on Lions’ 2021 NFL Schedule


Joe Burrow gets hit by Washington’s Chase Young.

The Detroit Lions’ 2021 schedule is not for the faint of heart given the quality competition the team will play, and even though that’s reality, there still does exist a chance for the team to win a few games and make a run.

It’s not easy to find winnable games on the calendar for the Lions, but here and there on the schedule, the team will play some marginal competition that they can perhaps find a way to beat in order to get some momentum going.

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While the Lions’ schedule is tough, there is a chance for the team to pick up a few wins. Here’s a look at some of the easier games the team will face this year.

Lions vs. Cincinnati Bengals (Week 6)

The worst team in the AFC North last year was the Bengals, and given the Lions have been the worst team in the NFC North, that might not be saying much. Still, Joe Burrow was tossed around like a rag doll last season and the Bengals skipped out on protecting him in the best way by avoiding drafting Penei Sewell. Detroit can win this game, and if they do, it will largely be due to the fact that their defense is harassing Burrow while their offense is busting loose against a below-average defense by their divisional standards. Penciling in wins on a Lions schedule is always risky business, but this is about a close to a lock as there could be for 2021.

Lions vs. Philadelphia Eagles (Week 8)

The Eagles were a mess in 2020, and all they did is hire an inexperienced former coordinator to come in and clean up the mess left by Doug Pederson. Their offense has seen major changes, and is Jalen Hurts the guy at quarterback? It’s tough seeing the NFC East not swallowing up this team as they attempt to rebuild. The Lions should be able to win this game on paper, and it could help given they have to come to Ford Field.

Lions at Atlanta Falcons (Week 16)

Detroit beat Atlanta in a tough game last season on the road, and the Lions have the ability to pull the trick again, even as they are rebuilding and their roster is much different than the team that won with a miracle finish against the Falcons. There is certainly a new attitude in Atlanta, but Matt Ryan and an average defense might make it hard to win big in season one for Arthur Smith. This is a good chance at a late-season win for Detroit.

Lions at Chicago Bears (Week 4)

No matter who starts for the Bears at quarterback, the Lions should have a good chance to win this early season matchup. Justin Fields, if he starts, will be a rookie facing down an early start at home. Andy Dalton is Andy Dalton. If the Lions are to catch the Bears, it will have to happen early in the year before Fields gets comfortable or the Bears make a change. This game, that might have a shot at happening.

Lions at Denver Broncos (Week 14)

It’s not as if the Lions have made winning in Denver a habit lately whatsoever, but short of the Broncos being able to pull off a hypothetical Aaron Rodgers trade, it’s a push which team is better at this point in time roster-wise. One thing working in the Denver favor for this game could be the conditions, given it is a late season game out west. If it snows, the Lions are probably in trouble. Otherwise, they should be able to hang in this game and at least give Denver a fight.

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