The Challenge Alum Says Costar Unfollowed Them After Reunion


The Challenge: Double Agents cast

The Challenge: Double Agents reunion aired in two parts at the end of April and beginning of May 2021, bringing the 36th season of the MTV show to a close. One cast member revealed that a lot went on behind-the-scenes at the reunion and said their costar even went so far as to unfollow them on social media afterward.

In her recap video of the second part of the reunion, rookie Amber Martinez said that she was really frustrated with Josh Martinez, especially as he would “insert” himself into several conversations that weren’t about him, and she said he actually unfollowed her on social media after the reunion.

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Amber Said Josh Made a Comment to Her at the Reunion That She Didn’t Like Before They Went on Stage

Amber said one of the reasons she got so frustrated with Josh during the reunion about his interruptions was because he had made a comment to her backstage that annoyed her. “Josh, I could ignore him, literally I could ignore him, whatever, but Josh just keeps butting in, it’s just like, bro, for a second I’m here arguing with Amber, Fessy and now you Josh, like… he just always has to insert himself into something,” the Are You the One? star said.

“He already got me upset with a comment,” she continued. “He made a comment to me y’all, before, like, I got on stage, and it just like rubbed me the wrong way, so that was already built up. I know you are known for being messy, but keep it shut. Like, keep it shut, and keep it moving.” Amber did not specify what comment Josh made to her off-camera.

She then revealed, “He is so calculated. He unfollowed me on social media guys.” Amber’s cousin Kimmy Gutierrez asked if he did that before or after the reunion and Amber confirmed that it was afterward. It appears from both of their social media profiles that the two still don’t follow each other.

Amber Revealed Some of the Cast Got Stuck in an Elevator for Hours After a Party

Amber also spoke about a story that happened after the reunion, when she went to an after-party for Cory Wharton’s birthday. After the reunion, she said, everyone was going out to dinner and Amber said she wasn’t planning on going since she’d argued with a lot of the cast members and her closest friends from the cast, Gabby Allen, Tula “Big T” Fazakerley and Kyle Christie, weren’t there.

“So then I get back to my room and then Kam [Williams] and Nany [Gonzalez] came over, and they’re like, ‘Girl, that’s it. The show’s over. Drama is done. It doesn’t exist, let’s just go out to eat.” She said it was strange because even though the show was over she couldn’t just forget what happened and it didn’t seem genuine that everyone was acting like close friends. However, she said she decided to just enjoy herself and she was very respectful to all of them, including Josh Martinez, Fessy Shafaat and Tori Deal.

Then, she revealed that a group of them got stuck in an elevator: “Of course, I ended the night being stuck in an elevator for like three hours. I was stuck. It was like two in the morning after the party. It was me, Fessy, Tori, Josh, Aneesa, Jay, and four of Tori’s friends,” Amber explained.

Ten people in a little elevator. You already know Josh was going crazy. He was trying to open the elevator doors. Like you saw the wall. It was scary. There was no air. Like we had to tell people to shut up. Like it’s hot. Your breath is hot…

The fire department didn’t get there until like three hours later, like we were all sleeping on the elevator floor. So that’s how my night ended, but I had a great time. I really did.

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