The Challenge Destroys Friendship: ‘We Have Not Spoken’

The Challenge Destroys Friendship: ‘We Have Not Spoken’
The Challenge All Stars


The Challenge: All Stars

The Challenge has been known to cause a lot of drama and tension between competitors while also creating strong friendships, but in the second episode of The Challenge: All Stars, the competition show actually destroyed a long-term friendship, cast members revealed. Warning: This article contains spoilers for the second episode of The Challenge: All Stars, which dropped on Paramount Plus on April 8.

Veterans Trishelle Cannatella and Katie Cooley had a heated argument during the second episode which began after Trishelle criticized Katie for going to eat her dinner instead of first telling her that Kendal Sheppard was the house vote to face her in elimination.

Trishelle and Katie went into the season as good friends, as the Real World: Las Vegas star revealed in a promo video for the season: “She was my friend outside of the house, I was a bridesmaid in her wedding, she was a bridesmaid in mine, we used to live together so I feel like this is gonna be a fun sleepover situation again.”

Those strong bonds went out the window in the episode as Trishelle yelled at Katie, who replied that she was discussing old history that happened 16 years ago and to “let it go.” Trishelle was ultimately eliminated by Kendal and sent home, and after the episode aired, both Katie and Trishelle revealed they haven’t spoken since.

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Trishelle Revealed in an Interview That She Hasn’t Spoken to Katie & They Have Grown Apart

Trishelle spoke about the fight after the episode aired on Us Weekly’s Watch With Us podcast and revealed that she has not spoken to Katie since All Stars. She said she doesn’t hold any grudges but simply believes the two have grown apart: “We’re just different, but I think that both of us are happy where we are. It doesn’t mean we can’t be friends. We’re just not going to be like as close as we used to be. I will always love Katie. I don’t hate Katie, like, that will never happen, ever.”

She said their lives are in two different places now, with Katie as a mother, while Trishelle said she feels like she and her husband are “in our early ‘30s instead of our early ‘40s. We travel, we have fun, and we don’t have kids yet.” She said if she were to invite Katie to New Orleans, she’d want the two to party and explore, while if she went to visit Katie, “I don’t know, maybe I’ll go to a soccer game,” she said.

Trishelle’s last appearance on The Challenge came on Rivals II in 2013 and she recently celebrated her four-year wedding anniversary to fighter pilot John Hensz.

Katie Also Addressed the Fight on ‘The Challenge Aftermath’ Following the 2nd Episode

On the aftershow The Challenge Aftermath, Katie said she understands that emotions run high on the show when competitors are faced with elimination but that she hadn’t expected Trishelle to take her frustrations out on her. “I was kind of stunned, really,” she told host Devyn Simone. Nehemiah Clark said, “I feel for you, I send you love, that’s very hard difficult when people through personal jabs at us that don’t have anything to do with the show.”

Katie said she cheered for Trishelle during her elimination and had previously encouraged her to stay in the game after Trishelle said she wanted to quit. However, she added, “we have not spoken since the show.” She also confirmed that Trishelle reached out to her mother and husband and told them she’d been an “a******.” She said, “I was happy about that.”

What I was most mad about is that everything she said was intentional to hurt me, to embarrass me. That’s what I was hurt about. That was rage, that was like, ‘how long have you felt this way about me’ because it’s coming out of left field… I’m like, ‘I don’t think you really liked me ever’ so I think I’m good.

Katie’s last appearance was on Cutthroat in 2010 and since then she’s moved to Lexington, Kentucky, where she lives with her husband and daughter and works as a finance manager and runs a home decor blog.

New episodes of The Challenge: All Stars drop on Paramount Plus every Thursday.

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