‘The Challenge: Double Agents’ Team Rankings, Final Part 1

‘The Challenge: Double Agents’ Team Rankings, Final Part 1


The first part of The Challenge: Double Agents’ Final is in the books!

This article contains spoilers for the 17th episode of The Challenge: Double Agents which aired on April 14 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on MTV.

The stakes are at the highest point of the season as the four remaining teams are racing to not be eliminated in the first half of the Final. The team who places last will not move on to the second half.

By the end of the episode on April 14, two things were clear: Amber B and CT are the favorites to win and Kaycee is hanging on by a thread.

Up to this point, Amber B and CT have dominated the rest of the teams, winning all three of the checkpoints this episode. Kaycee hurt her knee, potentially derailing the possibility of her and Fessy finishing the race, let alone winning.

Continue reading to see our rankings going into the next episode of Double Agents:

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Heavy on The Challenge’s Team Rankings After Episode No. 18

Following the 18th episode, we have shared our rankings for the four teams left in the game. Heavy on The Challenge’s power rankings are based on one major factor now that the remaining contestants are in the Final: what is the likelihood of the team splitting the $900,000 grand prize?

*Our rankings are spoiler-free, meaning the rankings only pertain to what we have seen on the show so far.

No. 1: Amber B & CT

Amber B & CTAmber B & CT

MTVAmber B and CT from MTV’s “The Challenge.”

Amber B was a massive wild card going into the Final. We haven’t seen much from her in terms of performance on the show as other female cast members have been featured more prominently.

During this episode, Amber B showed her fantastic endurance, which is a major factor if a team wants to come in first place. She’s paired with CT, the only competitor left in the game who has won a championship.

By winning all three checkpoints, including both the male and female heats of the second checkpoint, Amber B and CT have firmly established themselves as the frontrunners.

Although he’s in his 40s, CT still has the endurance and will to win, making him a deadly threat to all the remaining competitors.

Should TJ announce CT and Amber as the champions of Double Agents, it shouldn’t be surprising to anyone.

No. 2: Kam & Cory

Kam & CoryKam & Cory

MTVKam and Cory from MTV’s “The Challenge: Double Agents.”

Kam and Cory were in the middle of the pack all episode, placing third in the first checkpoint. We had them ranked as the No. 1 seed going into this week’s episode, but they haven’t looked as impressive as we thought they would up to this point.

There is still a lot of race left, however, and with Kaycee and Fessy seemingly down for the count, their chances have improved to win the championship.

No. 3: Leroy & Nany

Nany & LeroyNany & Leroy

MTVNany and Leroy from MTV’s “The Challenge.”

It appeared that Leroy and Nany were destined to be the fourth-place team throughout the first part of the Final, but after Kaycee’s spill, The Real World: Las Vegas team may have found a new lease on life.

Unfortunately, Nany’s endurance seems like the duo’s biggest pitfall right now. And if the first part of the Final is any indication, there are a ton more endurance-testing challenges ahead.

No. 4: Fessy & Kaycee

Fessy & KayceeFessy & Kaycee

MTVFessy & Kaycee from MTV’s “The Challenge.”

Team Big Brother is in rough shape. Kaycee appears to have badly hurt her knee and coupled with Fessy’s unwillingness to eat at the end of the episode, things look grim. Next episode, it wouldn’t be surprising if production deems Kaycee medically unfit to compete, thus eliminating them and their chances of winning The Challenge.

If they allow Kaycee to continue, and they make it to the second half of the Final, it’s hard to believe that they will be able to keep up with Amber B and CT.

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