The Challenge Legend Reveals Secret Deal: ‘Didn’t Like Her’

Beth Stolarczyk Has ‘Unfinished Business’ With Aneesa Ferreira


The Challenge: All Stars

The Challenge: All Stars‘ fourth episode involved a lot of politics and drama as competitors looked to avoid getting voted into elimination. Warning: This article contains spoilers for the fourth episode of The Challenge: All Stars, which dropped on Paramount Plus on April 22.

During the fourth episode, Beth Stolarczyk lost the daily challenge and was sent into the Arena, but Katie Cooley nominated herself to be the house vote since she failed to compete during the challenge. However, at the elimination, Mark Long used the Life Shield to protect Katie Cooley and the house had to vote for a new opponent for Beth.

After the episode aired, Katie revealed on the Aftershow that she only nominated herself because Mark had told her he would use the Life Shield to save her and she trusted that she would be safe. She said they had decided to put Kendal in instead as many people didn’t trust her and she was seen as a strong female competitor.

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Jisela Delgado Explained That There Were Many Stars Who Didn’t Trust Kendal at First

Following the episode’s release on Paramount Plus, MTV star Angela Babicz asked why the female competitors on All Stars were “bullying” Kendal and Jisela was quick to reply that “Kendal is not weak and no one is bullying her.” She said it’s normal that not everyone will like the same people and added, “Why are you only picking on the girls? Mark didn’t like her either!”

Beth agreed with Jisela and said, “We did not bully Kendal. We had disagreements and didn’t trust Kendal. You wanna see bullying? Check out my old challenges,” she said, referring to The Duel, Gauntlet and Inferno.

Jisela also said she voted for Kendal because she wanted to. “I didn’t trust her, Mark wanted her in, and she came for me in deliberation now she was coming for my friend [Aneesa Ferreira]. Like all of that and in the end CAUSE I F****** WANTED TO.” Jisela continued:

If y’all think that me being real, raw and honest is harsh please get ready for the rest of this season. I stand firm that Kendal did not take responsibility for her actions in the 2nd challenge and our friendship did not blossom because of it.

As the season continues you will see that I’m consistent in what is shown to me. I am authentic with my response… I think highly of Kendal, but that did not happen overnight.

Jisela also said she would be taking a break from speaking about it because she said she felt like she was going in circles and cautioned those making “derogatory attacks.” When someone accused Jisela of blocking them, Kendal stepped in and said, “I didn’t realize how many incredibly hurtful tweets were going her way. I imagine after a while enough is enough & you have to protect your own mental health.”

Kendal Previously Said She Thinks She Wasn’t Liked in the House for a Few Reasons

In an appearance on the Challenge Mania podcast, Kendal said when she was voted into elimination because she failed to jump off the platform in the second daily challenge, it was just an excuse and a group of people had been targeting her from the start. She said some of her costars “had it in their mind, from quarantine… that they wanted me out.”

She said the trivia challenge was the third time she found out she’d been accused of something by her fellow Challenge stars. She explained that she got into “trouble” with cast mates at the ’90s party during the first episode, because her dancing was apparently “provocative” and “inappropriate.” She also said she played a prank on her cast members involving the schedule for phone calls home that wasn’t well-received by her costars.

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