The Challenge Star Claims Producers Changed Rules: ‘It Is What It Is’

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The Challenge: All Stars cast

The Challenge: All Stars‘ fifth episode introduced a new twist to the game in the elimination format as the spinoff show hit the halfway point in the season. Warning: This article contains spoilers for the fifth and sixth episodes of The Challenge: All Stars, which dropped on Paramount Plus on April 29.

Host TJ Lavin announced during the episode that each elimination would be a double elimination in guy/girl pairs, with the last place male and female competitors going into the Arena. The nominations would continue to be for alternate genders so the house would vote in a guy followed by a girl the next week, with that person choosing their elimination partner from cast members of the opposite sex.

In the fifth episode, Syrus Yarbrough and Beth Stolarczyk came in last during the challenge so they were immediately sent into the Arena. Since it was a male nomination day, the house chose Alton Williams to face them and he picked Aneesa Ferreira as his partner. The two won the elimination as Syrus struggled with the jumping portion due to his injured ankle.

The following week, Mark Long and Kendal Sheppard were the team captains of the losing team so they went into elimination straight away. As it was a female nomination week, Katie Cooley nominated herself to go in since she hadn’t participated in the daily challenge. She chose Laterrian Wallace as her partner but the two were unable to pull out a victory and were sent packing.

After the sixth episode aired, Beth took to social media to claim that the rules were changed from the fifth episode to the sixth.

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Beth Said She Thought the Producers Wanted to Mess With Her Since Her Cast Mates Weren’t

Following the sixth episode, Beth tweeted, “We had different rules in episode 5. Why couldn’t Syrus pick a girl? Producers automatically chose me. What did you all think?” A fan replied that Mark didn’t get to choose either because he and Kendal were team captains so automatically went in, just like her and Syrus.

Beth replied, “Yes they were captains. Syrus and I were not captains. It was a male elimination day and no DQs for the people who fell off the log from exhaustion. It is what it is…next time..”

Beth also spoke about the elimination during an Instagram Live she did and claimed that the producers changed the elimination at the last minute to add the jumping portion for the men even though they knew Syrus had hurt his ankle. Beth said if it wasn’t for that, their team would have had a much better shot at winning.

The reality TV star said she thought the production team was messing with her because her castmates weren’t doing so and they were all too happy to call her down to the Arena, especially on her birthday. Despite that, Beth told her followers that she was glad she got the chance to appear and is proud of her performance.

Beth Also Said There Was an Unaired Conversation With Aneesa About Their Past That Should Have Been Shown

In the same Instagram Live, Beth revealed that she had a heartfelt conversation with Aneesa on the show that didn’t make the final edit but she wished it had. She said she confronted Aneesa about their past seasons together and told the Challenge veteran that she felt like Aneesa had bullied her in the past, calling her ugly, fat and old.

Beth said she shared with Aneesa that her words had hurt her despite her tough exterior. The Real World: Los Angeles star said she feels like the two made some progress and made peace although they still have a way to go.

The 52-year-old reality TV star said she loved her overall experience on All Stars and it was the best season she’d ever done, adding that she’d love to return for a future season if possible.

New episodes of The Challenge: All Stars drop on Paramount Plus every Thursday.

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