The Challenge Star: ‘We Don’t F*** With the Likes of You’

The Challenge Destroys Friendship: ‘We Have Not Spoken’


The Challenge: All Stars

The fourth episode of The Challenge: All Stars saw an intense confrontation between one cast member and the rest of their costars in a moment that got a lot of reactions online, including from one Challenge veteran. Warning: This article contains spoilers for the fourth episode of The Challenge: All Stars, which dropped on Paramount Plus on April 22.

During the fourth episode, Beth Stolarczyk was sent into the Arena and the house had to vote for a new opponent for her after Mark Long used the Life Shield to protect Katie Cooley. Darrell Taylor asked Beth which competitor she wanted to face and the Real World: Los Angeles star called out Arissa Hill’s name, which led to her getting the majority of the votes.

Arissa, instead of fighting for her place in the game, decided to put her costars on blast and quit the show. After the episode aired, Challenge veteran and three-time champ Veronica Portillo called out her former Battle of the Sexes 2 costar and wrote on Twitter, “What happened to her Zen?” She added, “under-amused by the whole thing. I wonder if her ancestors told her to switch it up or if she feels bad for letting them down?”

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Arissa Replied & Accused Veronica of Degrading a Female Costar

Arissa was quick to reply to Veronica and wrote, “You don’t want this smoke, Veronica, trust me. Have a seat.” Veronica did not leave things there, however, and replied, “Keep it Zen, girl. know you thought you had this Challenge in the bag bc of the communications with your ancestors so I’m for real wondering why you quit & didn’t stay in the game to win the $500k you had coming to you.”

Arissa then turned on the heat in her reply and told Veronica, “you so thirsty for attention this morning you are about to get it.” She continued:

I just communicated with my ancestors; and WE don’t f*** with the likes of you. The type of low vibrational person who thinks it’s okay to photograph and participate in the degradation of a woman who was passed out and unable to defend or protect herself. You are focusing on the wrong things bb girl.

The Real World: Las Vegas star then told Veronica to stop worrying about what Arissa was doing and focus on “Karma coming to you for that f***** up s*** ya did.” She finished her post by writing, “And work on being less of a trash human being and look at who and what YOU are.”

Beth Interjected & Also Blasted Veronica, Telling Her ‘Shame on You’

Beth, who ended up winning the elimination after Arissa quit, also stepped in to the argument and fired a shot at Veronica, writing, “Where are the naked photos of Tonya, Veronica Portillo? You are sick and need to be banned from all the shows! You are a bully who constantly degrades other women! Shame on you!”

Although Arissa did not name former Challenge star Tonya Cooley in her tweet, it appeared to reference an incident involving Tonya and other Challengers, which Beth confirmed in her post. Neither Arissa nor Beth went into greater detail about the incident, but an episode of The Inferno II was removed from Netflix after the season was added to the streaming platform.

The behind-the-scenes episode, titled “To Hell & Back: Hot Gossip from the Inferno 2,” featured a controversial scene between several female contestants: Veronica Portillo, Rachel Robinson and Tina Barta, who called themselves the “Mean Girls” during the season, and Tonya, who was their frequent target that season. In this episode, a behind-the-scenes clip showed the three women taking photos of Tonya while she slept nude and sharing them with other cast members.

In response to fans inquiring about what Arissa was referring to, Veronica wrote, “NO NO NO! I have to clear my name. I was NOT involved nor there.”

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