The Challenge’s Abram Boise Welcomes Baby Boy

The Challenge’s Abram Boise Welcomes Baby Boy


A star of The Challenge has welcomed a baby.

A true Challenge OG and two-time winner welcomed their first child recently, they revealed on social media. Abram Boise and his wife Rachel welcomed a baby boy on April 22, with the reality TV star announcing the news on Instagram on April 25.

He wrote, “Welcome to Earth on earth day, my little man cub: Atlas Young Boise. ‘For the strength of the pack is the wolf, and the strength of the wolf is the pack.’ What a wonderful world you have given me @rachelmissie.” Here is his post:

Ruthie Alcaide, Mark Long and Darrell Taylor were among some of the Challenge stars who offered Abram their congratulations. In the lead-up to the birth of Abram’s baby boy, the Road Rules: South Pacific star had shared photos and videos of himself preparing the baby’s room and painting all of the walls in a massive mural.

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Abram’s Wife Rachel Recently Opened Up About Struggles She Faced With His Family

Abram’s wife Rachel has posted about the challenges she’s faced with some of his family members, writing in March, “My time in Montana has been a combination of beautiful & dark moments. The confidence & self acceptance I have was not easily gained, I’ve worked very hard to enjoy my light. However that very confidence trigged insecurities in other women within my boyfriends family, therefore making me responsible & a problem.”

She wrote that her engagement was “undermined by passiveness & actions secretly taken to try & dig up dirt on me.” She shared that she experienced racism, “mostly passive,” with “Close people to my husband promoting white supremacy… Mentally I was drowning,” she wrote. “My husband saw my darkest moment and saved my life. The decisions we make will be for our family.”

In October, Rachel wrote that the couple was originally expecting twins but in the first trimester they experienced a “vanishing twin,” which meant that her body was only able to support one baby and the second fetus was absorbed into the uterine wall. “We had gotten so attached to the idea of twins and mourned the loss of what could have been. Now we continue to celebrate what is, the beautiful life growing healthy and strong.”

Abram Appeared on 9 Seasons of ‘The Challenge’ & Has Made It to 4 Finals, Winning 2

Abram made his reality TV debut on Road Rules: South Pacific and then joined The Challenge for The Gauntlet, his first of nine appearances on the competition show. He made it to four finals in total, The Inferno which he won, The Inferno II, The Inferno 3 which he also won, and Cutthroat.

His last appearance was a turbulent one as he joined the cast of The Challenge: Battle of the Bloodlines in 2016 with his brother Mike as replacements for Tony and Shane Raines after Tony was medically disqualified in episode four. Before Abram’s appearance on the show, his girlfriend at the time, Cara Maria Sorbello, was rumored to have kissed her costar, Thomas Buell.

His appearance shocked the cast and caused a lot of drama in the house as Johnny “Bananas” Devenanzio plotted about how to use the rumors about Cara Maria to destabilize Abram’s game since Abram and his brother were seen as major threats. The two ended up getting eliminated after mercenaries Zach Nichols and Chris “CT” Tamburello appeared for the elimination. Abram and Cara Maria broke up for good shortly after Battle of the Bloodlines.

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