The Challenge’s Johnny Bananas Wants Dancing With the Stars Next

The Challenge’s Johnny Bananas Wants Dancing With the Stars Next


This is some surprising news — longtime star of MTV’s “The Challenge” Johnny ‘Bananas’ Devenanzio says his dream is to be on “Dancing With the Stars.” Keep reading to find out why and also how he might have an in with the show to actually make it happen.

Devenanzio Thinks ‘Dancing With the Stars’ Looks Like ‘A Lot of Fun’

Johnny Bananas Says He’s Up for The Challenge All-Stars, Another Real World and DWTS | toofabThe reality star also dishes on his new talk show “Celebrity Sleepover.”2021-04-13T13:44:39Z

In a recent interview with TooFab, Devenanzio was asked if there are any other reality shows he would be interested in participating in and his answer was the very surprising “Dancing With the Stars.” But he has some great reasons why he’s interested.

“I would actually like to do — believe it or not — I’d like to do ‘Dancing With the Stars,’ if that was, if that ever came my way. I think that would be a lot of fun,” said Devenanzio.

Naturally, the follow-up question is whether he’s a good dancer and Devenenzio laughed and said, “No! Terrible! I’m good when I drink. I’m a great dancer when I drink.”

But in all seriousness, that’s why he’s interested in the show — because he’s not a great dancer, but he is athletic, so it would be a new challenge for him.

“For me, it’d be more of a challenge. For me, I’m athletic. I know how to move my body so I feel like dancing would just be a different way to challenge myself and do something new,” said the longtime MTV star.

Devenanzio Has an In With the Show From His ‘Real World’ Days

Devenanzio said he has watched the show, especially season 29 “because there was some MTV representation on there” — runner-up Nev Schulman has hosted and produced MTV’s “Catfish” since its inception in 2012.

But Devenanzio admitted he’s not familiar enough with the professional dancers to choose which one he’d want to partner with, he just knows she would have to be very, very patient with him.

“[I would need] someone who is very patient, alright? Yeah. They’re going to have their hands full, whoever it is, I’ll say that,” he said with a laugh.

Devenanzio also revealed he has a connection to “Dancing With the Stars” that might get him on the show that dates back to his time on “The Real World: Key West,” which is where the reality star got his start.

“It just so happens that one of the cameramen that was on my original season of ‘The Real World’ was the executive producer up until a couple of seasons [ago]. He made his way up and he was the executive producer of ‘Dancing With the Stars.’ So I’m like I might have an in anyway, so we’ll see if we can pull that thread and see where that goes,” he said.

Well, now this is all we want for season 30 — #BananasonDWTS. For now, Devenanzio is busy with his new talk show “Celebrity Sleepover,” which airs on NBC affiliates across the country after “Saturday Night Live” on Saturday nights.

He recently told Heavy that he sees it as a more playful format from traditional talk shows.

“We wanted to give [celebrities] an opportunity to do a talk show in a different format that’s a little more playful, you’re able to kind of let your hair down, relax. With the scene that we’ve provided, the elements that we provide, it really goes a long way to helping them disarm a little bit and bring forth a more authentic, real playful version of themselves,” said the seven-time “Challenge” winner.

“Dancing With the Stars” season 30 should premiere in September 2021 on ABC.

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