The Challenge’s Sarah Rice Addresses Return to the Show


Johnny Bananas and Sarah Rice at the final of Rivals III.

The Challenge has had its fair share of competitors come and go from the show, but there are always some fan favorites who’ve chosen not to return despite viewers clamoring for a comeback. Now, the creation of The Challenge: All Stars has had fans hoping for some of these veterans to make their return to the franchise.

One of these stars, The Real World: Brooklyn‘s Sarah Rice, has addressed this possibility on social media. The reality TV star was last seen on The Challenge as a winner of the final of Rivals III with her partner Johnny “Bananas” Devenanzio, who decided to “take the money and run” in a moment that still stands as one of the most jaw-dropping Challenge betrayals.

Unfortunately for fans of the two-time champion, it seems as though Sarah has no intention of ever returning to The Challenge, since she recently posted the following:

Sarah wrote, “If anyone asks if I’m doing The Challenge All-Stars…” along with a quote from Tamisha Iman, a contestant on RuPaul’s Drag Race, who said, “The only All Star that I’m interested in has scrambled eggs, cheese, grits, bacon — or sausage — on the side, and it comes with a waffle.”

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Sarah Previously Said She Knew After ‘Rivals III’ That She Wouldn’t Return Despite MTV Trying to Convince Her

Sarah previously shared that MTV tried to get her to return after Rivals III but she already knew then that she wasn’t interested. According to College Candy, Sarah revealed on a podcast, “I was [asked to be on the show]. It’s so funny because they call and they dangle the carrot, and they always use some sort of persuasive language.” She continued:

Just like last time they said, ‘No, trust us. You’re really gonna want to do this one. This one you’re definitely, this is one for you to win. Ah, yeah one for me to win and then have my partner take all my money. Don’t pretend like you didn’t know that was going to happen.

So they did it again this time. ‘We really think this is going to be your chance for redemption. And I was like, ‘Oh yeah. Just like you said I was going to win big last time? We remember how that worked out. Um, no.’

Since appearing on The Challenge, Sarah started a podcast called Brain Candy with her Challenge costar Susie Meister in which the two discuss, “what gets their wheels turning in the worlds of pop culture, literature, science, and psychology.”

In 2019, Sarah announced her divorce from her husband of four years, Landon Patterson. The 35-year-old also revealed that she suffered a miscarriage in 2018, PEOPLE reported. The former reality TV star now holds a Master’s degree in marriage and family therapy, according to the outlet.

Sarah Holds an Impressive ‘Challenge’ Record With 5 Finals in 9 Seasons, 2 of Those Ending in Wins

During her time on the show, Sarah was known as a strong competitor and her Challenge record is a reflection of her abilities. After her season of The Real World: Brooklyn, Sarah appeared on a total of nine seasons, debuting on The Ruins, followed by Fresh Meat II, Cutthroat, Rivals, Battle of the Exes, Battle of the Seasons (2012), Rivals II, Battle of the Exes II and Rivals III.

In her nine seasons on the show, Sarah made it to five finals, including on her rookie season. She won two of those finals, in her last two appearances on The Challenge: first with partner Jordan Wiseley on Battle of the Exes II and infamously with Johnny Bananas on Rivals III when he chose to take all of the winnings for himself.

In her time on the show, Sarah racked up 16 daily wins and was a strong competitor in eliminations, winning 6 out of 8.

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