The Dangers Associated With Visiting Mount Washington – What We Know!

The Dangers Associated With Visiting Mount Washington

Mount Washington is the tallest peak of the White Mountains, which, based on Britannica is part of the Appalachian Path. One other one of many mountain’s distinctions is that it has what has been referred to as the worst climate on the planet.

Based on Exterior, hikers have been caught up in avalanches and suffered hypothermia en path to the summit — and greater than 100 folks have misplaced their lives throughout their trek. Whereas it may very well be a transparent day on the base of the mountain, the climate on the high of the mountain will be vastly totally different, with winter-like situations being widespread for a lot of the yr, per Solely In Your State. Based on Exterior, there have been instances of hikers starting their trek sporting shorts and t-shirts solely to come across chilling temperatures and succumbing to hypothermia midway up the mountain.

There are not any timber on Mount Washington’s peak, which permits winds to whip throughout it unimpeded. This has led to the quickest winds ever recorded, an unbelievable 231 miles per hour, noticed in 1934, per Britannica. Mount Washington sits amongst main storm tracks and air mass routes, based on New Hampshire State Parks, which when coupled with the mountain’s topographic options and altitude, creates the excessive winds which have develop into its trademark. These winds have even blown hikers off of ridges.