The Evil Eye update Friday 7th May 2021

The Evil Eye update Thursday 29th April 2021

The Evil Eye 7 May 2021 update: Dev comes to her and stabs her in the kitchen.. it all turns out to be Piya’s dream. He asks her if she needs this knife? He gives it to her. Ansh comes there and asks Piya to come. Piya is tensed and looks at Dev.

Bua tells family that she is arranging Ruchi and Dev’s wedding. Piya says she is very young, Bua says its good for her to marry. Bua says we will stay in a hotel. Vedsheree says Piya is like a daughter to us so you can stay here.

Piya tells Ansh that I feel Ruchi should understand her life first, she is very small. Ansh asks her to not worry, he is with her. He moves closer to her and tries to kiss her, labon ko plays. Piya shies away. They both look at each other. He is about to kiss her but kids come there and says the family is calling you.

Scene 2
Piya gets Nishant’s call. He tells her about the protective shield. Piya says there is nothing like that. Chitali takes a knife and sees its Piya’s knife. Ansh says its rejoined. Piya says there is another Devik and that person made it fine. Ansh says then why didn’t he meet Piya? Piya recalls Dev’s weird act and says I know who Devik is.

Naman asks Nishant if a man can be devik too? Nishant says yes but question is if there can be two deviks in one life.

Chitali says we don’t know for sure if Devik is Dev. Piya says we have to find out if he has a mark on his neck. Dev comes there. Chitali says we were thinking of a surprise for Ruchi. Ansh looks at Dev’s neck but can’t see the mark. Ansh offers him a new shirt.

Piya asks Ruchi when did she meet Dev’s family? Ruchi looks on. Flashback shows how Dev told her a story. Ruchi says we met him in a wedding and liked him.

Nishant says there is nothing written about another devik. Dilruba says you are looking in the witch book. Nishant says she is right, we have to look in the devik book.

Piya tells Ansh that Dev doesn’t seem normal. Piya says we don’t have proofs but I am sure that Dev is Devik, I shouldn’t feel uncomfortable.

The family goes with Dev and others for a function. They all stand in mandir to do the pooja. Nishant calls Piya and tells her he has a way to find out.

Scene 1
Nishant gives Devi’s jal to Piya to use on Dev. Piya comes to Dev and asks him to do the ritual. He is about to light up the diya in the box that Nishant brought. Piya gives him the plate to put in Devi’s feet. He does it. Ruchi goes to rest. Dev leaves. Chitali says he was able to lift that plate and it didn’t light up, he is not devik. Piya says I will prove it.

Piya comes to the balcony and throws Dev off. He is about to fall down, all are shocked but Dev flies up and says yes I am devik. Piya says I knew.
Dev comes to the mandir and prays to Devi. He says to Piya that I am Devik like you but I am more powerful than you. Vedsheree says two deviks? Ansh says I didn’t know a man can be devik too. Dev says I knew that Piya is a devik. Ansh says why did you hide this from us?

Scene 2
Naman tells Dilruba that we have to go on a honeymoon, we keep fulfilling our duties but its time for us to spend time. They open the door but birds enter the house.

Dev tells Piya that I hid it because of marriage, I was alone and didn’t get a companion, Ansh got a devik as a davansh but I didn’t, I have been fighting off evil powers but I need a companion now. Shekhar says you have found Ruchi. Dev says she doesn’t know about me. Vedsheree says you should tell her. Dev says you are right, he looks at Piya and says people should know each other when they are going to spend their lifetime together. Ansh says you should tell Ruchi and her mother. Vedsheree says we are happy that you are here. All leave. Dev looks on.

Scene 2
Piya tells Ansh that he had to tell us the truth, I am not comfortable with the way he talks and looks at me. Ansh says he is fine, you might be worried because of some other things.

Dev puts Shekhar under a spell. Shekhar tells the family that marriage will happen this week only. Ansh says we will start for the functions. Chitali says we will do the shopping. Piya says to Ansh that they seem too excited about Ruchi’s wedding.

At night, Piya hears something. Dev leaves the house.

Dev meets a mysterious person and says everything is going as per the plan, I won’t let anyone come in-between my mission.

Dilruba tells Naman that her mother is coming so we need to clean the house. She throws everything around and says now it’s fine.

Dev comes back, Piya stops him and asks where were you? Dev says I went for a walk, why do you doubt me? I am a devik, I can be useful, I can make your powers increase. Piya says I was never greedy for powers, she shows her powers. Dev uses his powers and shows a fireball to her, he asks if she can handle this? Piya looks on.

Dilruba tells Naman that my mother doesn’t like humans, she will be angry if she knows that I married you, she can eat you alive.

Piya tries to touch the fireball but gets shocked and falls back. Ansh holds her and gets shocked too. He asks if she is fine? Ansh tries to touch her wounded hand and gets shocked again. Dev says how will you heal her? Ansh says I will, he glares at Dev and touches Piya’s hand, he gets shocked and screams in pain. Dev says I can make her fine. Ansh heals Piya’s wound and says I can take off my Piya. He takes her from there. Dev says not for long.

Piya brings Ansh to their room, he says I am fine but he faints.

Naman asks Dilruba to tell him about her mother. Dilruba says she is very scary and can eat a man alive.

Piya shouts at Dev and says this happened to Ansh because of you, all come there. They see Ansh’s skin redden. Piya says Dev did all this, he challenged Ansh and I am sure this is happening because of him. Vedsheree says he is a Devik, why would he hurt Ansh? Dev tells Piya that you are behind his pain, can’t you understand?

Naman tells Dilruba that you can hide that I am your husband from your mother. Dilruba says she is a bat, she can know the truth.

Dev tells Piya that your protective shield as a Devik is making Ansh get shocked. Your mother would say the same thing, your mother knew about me and she made me realize that I am a Devik and I helped her a lot. Piya says then understands that Davansh and Devik have a connection and nobody can come in-between them. Dev says until another Devik comes in-between them, now we have a connection stronger than devik-davansh, if you stay near Ansh then it will hurt him, you should go away from him. Ansh wakes up and hears it.

Nishant tells Saanvi that Piya is doubting Dev and she has the good sense of judging people, I don’t know what his intentions are.

Ansh looks away from Piya. Piya says don’t even think about what Dev said, we didn’t come back together to get separated again. Ansh says it’s about connection. Piya says my connection with you only, she wipes his tears her with saree.

Scene 2
Vedsheree and Chitali make Piya have sargi to fast for the day. They do pooja. Piya tries to leave but Dev comes to her and says your relationship with Ansh is nothing. Piya says I am his wife and I trust my sindoor more than your powers, she promises on Tulsi that she won’t let anything happen to Ansh and says I can even go against a Devik. Dev says you are being stubborn. She leaves. Dev tells his mysterious partner that we used a liquid to keep Ansh away from Piya but if Piya doesn’t accept that she is hurting Ansh then she won’t go away from him.

The function starts in the house. Dev uses his powers on Piya. He thinks that now when Piya looks at Ansh, it will hurt him. Piya is going to Ansh but something falls in her eyes and she doesn’t see Ansh.

Naman is hiding in the cupboard. Dilruba brings him out and says you don’t have to hide, do what I tell you to do.

Nishant calls Adi and Pari and asks them to follow Dev, we are doing a secret mission, he ends the call. Adi is trying to take Dev’s photo. Adi stands with Dev and Ruchi, Pari takes their photo and sends it to Nishant.

Dilruba introduces Naman to her mother and says he is a chudail too. Her mother as a bat flies away.

Pari asks Ansh what he is gifting to Piya? She is fasting for you. Ansh says you are right, he leaves. Piya comes there and asks where did Ansh go? Adi says to market. Piya says I needed some things as well. She tries to stop Ansh but he leaves.


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