The Evil Eye Update Monday 28th December 2020

The Evil Eye Update 28 December 2020 : Mohana and Ansh are encircled by hooligans. Mohana says to Ansh that you handle your side, I will deal with mine. They get on columns and scowl at hooligans who are confounded how to contact them.

Mohana and Ansh bounce and starts beating hooligans. The two of them uphold one another. Mohana sees thugs going to hit them with patal bolts. The two of them raise in air, thugs erroneously assault each other with bolts and bite the dust. Ansh takes a gander at Mohana. Vedsheree rushes to him and embraces him, she inquires as to whether he is fine? All relatives go along with them. Ansh takes a gander at Mohana and reviews her forces, he is befuddled. Piya embraces Guru Maa. Naman attempts to leave yet Vedsheree stops him. Naman attempts to go to Guru Maa yet she slaps him and requests that he leave, he leaves from that point humiliated.

Mohana says to Ansh that you needed to know what davansh is? Witch’s first child is called davansh.. truly I am a witch, you are a witch’s child and you are davansh. Ansh is stunned and says whatever occurred with me.. it was on the grounds that my mom.. is a witch. He says to Vedsheree that you conceal it from me? Mohana says ask her for what reason she concealed it from you? Ansh inquires as to whether she thought about his mom and him? advise me, I will acknowledge whatever you state, disclose to me this is completely false, I wont ask anything later. Vedsheree says dont tune in to Mohana, she isn’t what she resembles. Mohana says for what reason did you stow away about his mom? Vedsheree says you didnt raise him like a mother. Mohana says I dont need to conceal anything from my child. Vedsheree says dont let me open my mouth. Mohana says I can talk as well. Chitali says at that point tell that you have caused Ansh to wed a witch as well. Ansh is dazed and says what? Chitali says yes Ruby is a witch. Rishi says gracious my God. Vedsheree says indeed, I mixed up her as a devik, at that point I became acquainted with about her existence and attempted to stop marriage yet Mohana plotted against us and caused you to wed Ruby. Ruby says its right, I am a witch. Ansh is harmed and says to Mohana that you caused me to wed a witch? Mohana says I needed to meet you, they had confined me and I could possibly get out in the event that you wed a witch. Mohana says I am a witch for world yet I am a mother as well, this family didnt comprehend and made me disappear from you individuals. Ansh inquires as to whether its actual? did you make her disappear? Mohana says I will show you what they did with me? She makes fanciful screen and plays past on it, it shows family consuming Mohana alive and confining her in a coffin. Vedshree requests that KAjal and Ansh hear her out prior to settling on a choice, Mohana is a witch so we needed to do it, Chitali says she even executed her better half, she murdered your dad Ansh. Shekhar says she slaughtered our mother as well. Ansh inquires as to whether its actual? Mohana turns away and says yes its actual. All are shocked, Mohana says I executed your dad. Master Maa says witch can slaughter her family as well, witch is of no on. Mohana says lion consistently execute deer, relations dont matter to witch, just blood relations matter to witch which I have with you.

Sushant says to Saanvi that for what reason did you go to Ansh’s home? you know its perilous there, did you see anything abnormal there? Saanvi says everything was typical. Sushant says there are malicious stones in that house, did you see it? Saanvi says no. She doesnt realize that its in her sack. Sushant says in the event that you contact these stones, at that point you will be witch’s control. Saanvi says I didnt see it and leaves with her pack.

Vedsheree requests that Ansh not tune in to Mohana. Mohana says to Ansh that solitary blood connection matter to witch which I have with you. Ansh says it implies I am not human? Vedsheree says you are human, you have Mitul’s blood too that is the reason you get relations, witch is of nobody, she slaughtered Mitul and will murder her children as well, hear me out, you are essential for this family. Mohana says I am a witch yet I never relinquished my own blood individuals. Chitali says what? Mohana says did she conceal truth? I am not exclusively Vedsheree’s sister, I have blood connection with her. Chitali says what connection? Mohana says me and Vedsheree are sisters. All are staggered. Avi says what junk. Mohana says I know you wouldnt trust me so I will demonstrate it. She contacts her mesh with Vedsheree and its gets combined and tangled, all are stunned. Shekhar says what’s happening with you? Mohana says witch’s twist can join with other just in the event that she has blood connection with her, I will show more evidence. She cuts her hand and Vedsheree’s hand gets cut as well, Mohana torments herself and Vedsheree feels it as well. Mohana says our mom is same, I was my mom’s first little girl so I got her all forces and Vedsheree stayed as a human, she attempted to execute her own sister. Shekhar says you have sufficiently demonstrated, stop it. Mohana wipes her wounds. Ansh reviews how he could do it as well. Mohana eliminates her twist from Vedsheree. Mohana says to Ansh that I was trusting that ideal the truth will surface eventually you this, this isn’t our reality, our goal in life is unique, presently you know it all so accompany me. Vedseree says he wont go anyplace, he is my child. She says to Ansh that I needed to get you far from witch that is the reason we didnt advise you. Shekhar asks Ansh his opinion? Vedsheree surrendered her life for you, she didnt have her children to raise you, she consumed her sister for you, she thoroughly took care of you. Mohana says she consumed me so she could be my children’s mom, she made me cry in life for my children. Ansh says enough.. I am befuddled, I dont realize who is my mom, I dont realize who is correct and who isn’t right, disregard me. Vedsheree says tune in to your heart.. Ansh says please and eliminates her hand from him. He leaves from that point, all are staggered and cry.

Scene 2

Ansh goes to his room and reviews the disclosures he became acquainted with about, truth about Mohana and Vedsheree. He indignantly begins breaking things. Vedsheree comes there and sees wreck. She shouts to him. He sincerely takes a gander at her. Vedsheree says I realize truth harms that is the reason I guarded you from it, Anshh says disregard me. Vedsheree attempts to move towards him and steps on glass, she shouts. Ansh goes to her and sympathizes with her agony.. he rushes to her and takes out glass from her feet. She cries. Ansh gauzes her feet and inquires as to whether it harms? Vedsheree says in the event that I request anything, will you give it? Ansh says you can ask my life. Vedsheree says I simply need pardoning, it would be ideal if you excuse me. Ansh stops her and embraces her. She cries.

Ruby says to Mohana that Ansh wont let me remain in this house now, your arrangement will tumble, Ansh will wed Piya then what you will do? Mohana says there is overshadow night in somedays and he will become davansh at that point, I need to get Piya far from him till at that point, I have an arrangement.

Vedsheree says to family that Mohana can plot something. Chitali moves from her and says you are her sister? Vedsheree says you are terrified of me? I am your Vedsheree, you individuals used to adore me and now you are frightened?