The Evil Eye Update Tuesday 29th December 2020

The Evil Eye Update 29 December 2020 : Vedsheree says to Chitali that I didnt advise you however I educated Shekhar from begin regarding Mohana being my sister, Avi says then why didnt you advise us? Vedsheree says you individuals could never trust me, I never agreed with her position and you are currently questioning me?

Ruby says to Mohana that Vedsheree have broken their trust and now they won’t really accept that her so it will be simpler to break them.

Chitali says sorry to Vedsheree and says we got frightened for a moment however we can never question you, she embraces her. Avi says to Vedsheree that you resemble our mom and you can never hurt us, we are grieved on the off chance that we hurt you. Vedsheree says no dont state sorry, we must be together to battle this witch. Chitali says that witch can never isolate us. They all embrace one another.

Mohana says to Ruby that its not simpler to break family, I know my sister, I am certain they are plotting against us.

Vedsheree says to family that she will utilize her forces on Ansh, we need to stop her before she makes Ansh like her on shroud, we have just a single way.. to cause Ansh to wed Piya. Chitali says Ansh is hitched to Ruby. Vedsheree says I dont acknowledge that marriage, no one recollects that wedding, there is no observer for that marriage. Chitali says Mohana won’t let Piya wed Ansh. Vedsheree says Mohana couldn’t cause Naman to wed Piya, I am certain God will cause Ansh to wed Piya.

Mohana says to Ruby that I won’t let Piya wed Ansh.

Kajal says to Ansh that Vedsheree concealed a ton of things from us. Ansh says yet her affection isn’t obviously false. Kajal says what regarding our genuine mother who stayed away from us?

Piya says to herself that Mohana has confined her mom in a parrot, I would require father’s assistance to free her. She calls Sushant and sees it on message.. she says I am your.. your.. Saanvi has accepted call. Piya says accessible as needs be that I am your little girl.. she cries however Saanvi doesnt hear it as Piya has cut call. Piya says I need to discover mother, she should be in her room.

Rishi says to Ansh that I generally questioned Ruby, I dont comprehend when Guru Maa advised that Naman attempted to slaughter her then for what reason did Piya consent to wed Naman? after that? Ansh says there should be some explanation and I will discover.

Piya is looking through Mohana’s space for her mom.

Mohana says to Ruby that Piya go to my space to discover her mom so I have made a snare for her.

An insidious fluid is following Piya in Mohana’s room. Piya doesnt see it. Ansh is looking for Piya and hears her hoop’s commotion. Insidious water is falling on floor towards Piya, its going to contact her however she moves away. Piya sees fluid in tub in Mohana’s room and is dazed. She is going to contact it yet falls inside and begins suffocating in water, she attempts to get up yet its a snare and cant get out. Ansh feels something and runs. Piya is suffocating. Ansh goes into Mohana’s room and glances around. He sees Piya suffocating and rushes to her. He lifts her out of tub.

Saanvi sees Sushant harmed in the wake of emerging from detestable room, she inquires as to whether he is fine? he says dont come here and requests that her leave, se leaves. Sushant draws out a pole from kalash and sees another pole on floor which is moving.

Ansh sees Piya overwhelming and brings her. He requests that her wake up however she has blacked out. He says please open your eyes.. he shouts Piya.. Piya awakens, he inquires as to whether she is fine? She reviews how she suffocated when attempting to discover her mom. Piya hops and embraces her. Simple Sajan plays, Ansh embraces her.

Mohana says to Ruby that Piya wont be saved today and I have one more intend to make them disdain one another.

Vedsheree says to family that Mohana cannot stop Ansh and Piya getting one.

Ansh asks Piya what she is covering up? for what reason did you consent to wed Naman, she says you reserve no privilege to ask me, you dont care. Ansh says I wont let you go till you answer. Piya says you want to stop a devik? he says you believe that you can stop a davansh? Piya says I will discover my mom. He says I will go with you. Piya says I will go alone. Ansh says whats reality? She says you wont have the option to hear truth. He snatches her and requests that her tell. She says truth is that my mom is in your mom’s confine, she is a liar, a witch who can get a child far from her mom cannot have protective love in her heart, she leaves from that point.

Sushant sees Piya’s voice message.. He hears it and sees her urgency. He says my child, he calls her and asks what was the deal? Piya says I am in harm’s way, save me dad, He says I am coming. Call finishes and it shows that it was Mohana, she had utilized Piya’s hair to utilize her voice.

Ansh says to Piya that in the event that you are correct, at that point I am with you. Piya says you have her blood so I cannot confide in you, you can just guarantee however cant satisfy it, I cannot believe you as you love your mom. Ansh says please trust me. Piya says no I cannot confide in a davansh, Ansh says at that point get out and pushes her. She is going to fall however Sushant comes there and holds her. She reviews how she left him at a youthful age, he says infant.. she says daddy and embraces him. Sushant scowls at Ansh and says to Piya that dont stress, your dad is with you. She draws out a rope and tosses it at Ansh, he gets him, Piya hurries to Ansh yet Sushant makes a hover around and says I will deal with only him. Ansh tears his ropes and attempts to go to Piya yet Sushant beats him. Sushant assaults Ansh with a bolt, he says I realized your creature nature would come out, how could you contact Piya? Ansh takes out bolt from him, sushant says I will murder you before you draw close to Piya, he tosses him at glass. Piya shouts Ansh.. Vedsheree hears it. Mohana comes in parlor and discovers Ansh’s blood on floor, she takes it and imagines that when my blood blends in with Ansh then he would get all my malevolent forces, I need to do it to make Piya against Ansh. She blends her blood in with his, her forces go in Ansh. Mohana says my forces will stay in him till he is harmed. She requests that Ansh beat. Ansh gets up and begins beating Sushant. Piya shouts constantly for hover to vanish. Ansh is beating Sushant. Piya attempts to stop him however he drives her away and is beating him. Mohana requests that Ansh toss him from gallery. Ansh tosses him from overhang.. he tumbles from 50th floor. Ansh mends and returns to himself.

Prist asks Saanvi where is Sushant? She says I dont know, I became acquainted with that witch can handle davansh’s psyche and use him to accomplish her work, she can possibly do it when she blends her blood in with his and she can utilize him till his wounds are mended. Minister says risk is large.