The Most Educated Celebrities in the USA

In recent years, the value of education has decreased. Today, very few teenagers want to go to college and pursue a degree. They don’t believe that studying ensures great success in life. But is it really true? People of the older generation and career experts think the opposite way.

Why Education Matters

First of all, education is a powerful tool for growth. It expands outlook, develops the mind and teaches vital life skills. Without proper education it’s impossible to enhance critical thinking and decision-making.

Studying at school provides a great opportunity to learn about values, morals and different ways to solve problems. What’s more, it helps to develop interpersonal skills, which are essential in today’s world. Education is also the base for cross-cultural understanding. Such disciplines as geography, history and social studies help to understand people from different parts of the world.

Education shapes character and helps students learn who they are and what role they play in the world. It also builds confidence by consistently setting challenges that must be overcome. In general, this experience can change the future of a single individual and the community as a whole.

Education Help For Students

Even though education has a huge value, it’s not always possible to deal with it on your own. Studying is sometimes so complicated that you may need help. Luckily, there are a lot of web tools for students that can make the learning process much easier. You can use an assignment writing service, online plagiarism checker or automated citation generator to save your time and energy. Depending on your goals, pick something that meets your academic needs to relieve the burden on your shoulders.

The Most Educated Celebrities

As you might know, there are a lot of American celebrities who dropped out of school to pursue their careers. But you probably didn”t hear much about those who went further and earned a Master’s Degree or PhD. If you want to learn more about famous people who achieved a lot in academic settings, keep reading the article!

Shaquille O’Neal

Most young athletes go to school to play sports and they rarely continue their education. However, there are some exceptions like Shaquille O’Neal. Being a four-time NBA champion didn’t prevent him from studying at Barry University in Miami. It may be hard to believe but O’Neal earned a doctorate degree in 2012. His thesis was about the value of human leadership. What made this celebrity get a PhD? He wanted to keep his promise given to parents about following his passion for education. Apart from that, O’Neal had a desire to challenge himself once again.

Rowan Atkinson

All of us know Rowan Atkinson as a funny Mr. Bean. This comedian starred in numerous movies that made him a celebrity. Surprisingly enough, Atkinson has nothing in common with his character. In fact, he is a very intelligent person with a good education. While pursuing acting, he got a Master’s Degree in Electrical Engineering at The Queen’s College Oxford. Nobody expected his hobby to grow so big because he has ambitions for another career.

Ken Jeong

Another well-educated actor and comedian is Ken Jeong. He became popular on TV after his role in The Hangover, but who knows what was before? Can you imagine that Ken Being was a doctor? He got his M.D. from the University of North Carolina and became a licensed physician in California. At nights after work, Jeong did stand-up comedy. Eventually, he played himself in his own sitcom called Dr. Ken. Obviously, it was based on his experience of working at a hospital.

Mayim Bialik

Probably, most of us remember the Big Bang Theory and its actress Mayim Bialik. As it turned out, she is a great researcher with a PhD degree in Neuroscience. While pursuing it at UCLA, Bialik studied obsessive-compulsive disorder in people with Prader-Willi syndrome. According to the information from CNN, she looked into hormones and the way they are connected to child rearing bonding. What’s more, Bialik wrote several scientific books that include some of her research.

Brian May

Being a rock star wasn’t enough for Brian May. This world renowned guitarist and one of the Queen founders pursued a doctorate in astrophysics at Imperial College. But he didn’t get it the first time because he dropped studying when the band started gaining huge success. Years after his first attempt, he went back to college and finished it. So it took 37 years for the Imperial College to approve May’s thesis on zodiacal dust.

Final Thoughts

Education is one of the most essential things in life. Regardless of your occupation, education really matters for personal growth. Hopefully, the American celebrities mentioned in this article have inspired you to become more ambitious in terms of studying.

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