The Ohangla Musician Lady Maureen is not Dead – Maureen Nyar Awendo Death Dead – Obituary: Cause of Death

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It has been going around on social media that one Ohangla musician Lady Maureen is dead , but today it has been Clarified that it is not that Maureen was dead.

It was a mistake and a mix up of name because the real confirmed deceased was later identified as one Mrs. Maureen Nyar Awendo and not the Ohangla musician Lady Maureen.

Contrary to the first news that was seen on social media, the mother of the Ohangla musician Lady Maureen named Margaret Akinyi Onyango, “She is not dead, she is alive. We have also heard the rumors and are wondering where all this information is coming from,” the mother stated.

She added that Lady Maureen was still receiving treatment in Tanzania.

Akinyi revealed that the artiste’s vocalist known as Maureen Nyar Awendo is the one who had passed on.

Lady Maureen has been in and out of hospital for a number of years after she was diagnosed with hypertension.

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