The Vans Founder, Paul Van Doren’s Cause of Death is Unknown

One of the earliest founders of Vans, a US shoe company, passed away at 90. Paul Van Doren’s cause of death is unknown yet.

Paul has been of the two children of Rena and Johnson Van Doren. His father was an inventor, and his mother was a seamstress.

Paul Van Doren dropped out of school at 14, in the eighth grade. He went to the race tracks every day since he was interested in horses; there, he became known as ‘Dutch the Clutch.’ But his mother insisted on getting a job in a shoe factory.

In 1966, his brother James Van Doren and their friends Gordon, Ryan Emmert, and Serge D’Elia became associates in opening the first Vans. It took one year to build and set up their factory at 704 East Broadway in Anaheim.

They started with only three different shoes when they first opened; their prices ranged from $2.49 to $4.99. The Vans factory had about 70 stores in California by the end of the 1970s.

Vans Founder, Paul Van Doren’s Cause of Death

Van Doren ran the company until 1976, when his brother took over. Vans is an American-based manufacturer specializing in shoes specifically made for today’s extreme sports, originally named Van Doren Rubber Company.

They produce skate shoes, snowboarding boots, BMX shoes, and a variety of other shoes. They provide mainly to the youth market in skateboarding, snowboarding, and surfing.

Vans also sell a wide variety of apparel like socks, t-shirts, hoodies, watches, and other accessories. All the ranges of products are made to be comfortable, sturdy, and stylish.

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