‘The Voice’ Champion to Release Memoir Celebrating ‘Every Little Win’


Todd and Brooke Tilghman are set to release their first book, Every Little Win: How Celebrating Small Victories Can Lead to Big Joy, in June 2021. Todd was the winner of NBC’s “The Voice” season 18, where he was a contestant on Team Blake.

Todd Tilghman has been working on new music, settling down in a new home near Nashville, and navigating life post-“The Voice” throughout 2021 so far.

Todd and Brooke recently sat down with Heavy to talk about their upcoming book and their lives since “The Voice.”

The Book Celebrates Authenticity

The book, which has a release date of June 22, 2021, is an authentic portrayal of the Tilghman’s lives and marriage. Authenticity was extremely important to both Todd and Brooke when they wrote the book, they shared.

“Authenticity attracts people, even if it’s not their truth or something they’ve walked through…” Brooke told Heavy. “It’s freeing for me. It’s freeing to be able to share your story and try not to worry so much about what people are going to think.”

Todd agreed, adding, “Even though we’re all living different experiences, the truth is relatable. If you just tell the truth… people will find that relatable. They might not have the same exact circumstances that we’ve had, but if you just sort of bear your heart and tell the truth, people will find that relatable and hopefully will realize, ‘You know, we really are kind of just all the same.’”

The Couple Opened Up About Social Media & Negative Comments

When it comes to negativity that might come from that type of authenticity and sharing their lives in public and on social media, the couple tries to ignore the negative comments, but they have different ways of dealing with it.

Todd says he mostly tries to ignore the comments because one negative one will get to him in ways that 100 positive ones will not, but Brooke still reads comments, though she doesn’t often respond to them.

“You kind of just learn tit comes with the territory,” she shared. “You’re not gonna be everyone’s kind of people. And some people are gonna love you, and some people aren’t gonna connect with you, and that’s okay because they’ll find someone else they do connect with. And you have to just be okay with that, I’m still gonna be true to myself, and look, if you’re still commenting on our stuff, I consider you a fan.”

She did reply to one comment during Todd’s stint on “The Voice,” however.

“During the whole “Voice,” I didn’t reply to any comments except one,” she shared. “In that one, somebody wrote that ‘The only reason you won is that your church voted for you,’ and I was like, we have like 150 people in our church, I don’t think that did it! That was the only one I replied to, I probably shouldn’t have, but that was a little funny to me.”

They Look at Their Fans as a Family

Both Todd and Brooke are uncomfortable calling people who follow their lives or music “fans,” and would rather call them a family.

Tell everyone that follows us, and has been a part of this and is continuing to be a part of it, that, number one, there is much more to come, you know, there’s music coming, and this book, and we have other things that are more in gestational stages and we’ll see where they go…” Todd said. “But the main thing I want everybody to know is that I appreciate them and that I’m very grateful for them and the part that they’ve played in this.”

Brooke added, “I’ll say it and I’ll say it again, I know it’s in the book. The goodness of God is shown through his people and people have been so good to us everywhere. I wish more people would follow along because I want to follow along with you as well.”

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