The Walking Dead Season 11 Episode 9 Recap and Ending, Explained – What We Know!

The primary a part of AMC’s post-apocalyptic sequence ‘The Strolling Dead’ season 11 ends with a startling cliffhanger, leaving the destiny of a number of Alexandrians unanswered. The ninth episode of the eleventh season, additionally the primary episode of the season’s second half, begins with the aftermath of Leah’s hwacha fireplace, which is geared toward a herd of walkers and some Alexandrians alike. Whereas Daryl tries his finest to guard his household in Meridian, Aaron does the identical again in Alexandria when a herd of walkers and unceasing rain threaten the security of the survivors. The episode ends with gorgeous revelations and we now have taken an in depth take a look at the identical. Let’s dive into the episode’s ending after a fast recap! SPOILERS AHEAD.

The Strolling Dead Season 11 Episode 9 Recap

The ninth episode of the eleventh season, titled ‘No Different Method,’ begins with Maggie and Negan’s efforts to keep away from getting hit by Leah’s hwacha rocket photographs. They kill walkers and Reapers alike to get right into a Meridian constructing to take care of Elijah’s wounds. Daryl continues to kill Reapers for his and his group’s security. When Carver confronts Maggie and others, Daryl involves their rescue. They resolve to make use of Carver to blackmail Leah to go away Meridian safely. Again in Alexandria, the fireplace continues to burn the windmill and walkers get into the survivors’ dwelling.

Judith and Grace get trapped in a flooded basement with walkers awaiting to devour them on the door. The useless get into the basement and strategy the 2 women however Aaron’s well timed arrival saves them. He helps Judith and Grace to get out by way of the window however will get trapped with the walkers. After appreciable effort, Aaron additionally manages to get out of the basement with the assistance of Lydia. Again in Meridian, Daryl proposes to return Carver alive if Leah permits them to go away with out harming them. She makes use of a hidden sniper’s assault to retrieve Carver.

Nevertheless, when Leah asks the sniper to fireplace at Elijah, Gabriel reveals that the sniper is useless. Daryl asks Leah to drop her and her males’s weapons and depart. After they try this, Maggie follows them in a rage and kills the 2 males and shoot at Leah, who will get shot whereas working. Daryl follows the path of blood and informs the hiding Leah that they’re leaving with the meals provides.

The Strolling Dead Season 11 Episode 9 Ending: Do Daryl, Maggie, Gabriel, Alden, and Negan Return to Alexandria With Meals Provides?

The eleventh and ultimate season of the present begins with Maggie forming a group that features Daryl, Gabriel, Alden, and Negan to raid Meridian for meals provides. Together with the unceasing menacing presence of the walkers, the meals scarcity leads the Alexandrians to the brink of a life-threatening scenario. Utilizing a herd of walkers as a distraction, Maggie, Gabriel, and Negan get into Meridian to garner meals provides. The chaos that unravels among the many Reapers, which results in Pope’s demise, makes it simpler for the Alexandrians to assault the neighborhood. Daryl’s assist from the within additionally assists them to satisfy their mission.

Maggie, Daryl, and others kill numerous Reapers who come their method. After establishing their authority within the website by forcing Leah to flee, the group collects all of the meals provides accessible in Meridian to start out their return journey to Alexandria. Nevertheless, the complete group doesn’t make it to their household again. After amassing the meals, Maggie goes to the church constructing Alden has sought security, solely to come across a walker as an alternative of her pal. She realizes that Alden had been attacked by a walker, which made him one. Maggie collects herself, kills him to finish his struggling as a walker, and buries his physique close by.

Negan additionally decides towards returning to Alexandria with Maggie and others. He realizes that he can ever be an ally of Maggie after their turbulent historical past. Upon witnessing Maggie’s rage at Meridian, he realizes that he mustn’t compromise his life by staying with Maggie. He fears that his life will dangle by a thread if he trusts her and accepts the potential for Maggie killing him in a match of rage on account of their tumultuous previous. Thus, he walks away from the Alexandrians to be on his personal. Maggie finds Gabriel, Daryl, and Elijah and the 4 of them arrive at Alexandria with out Alden and Negan.

Why Does the Commonwealth Military Come to Alexandria? Does Daryl Be a part of the Commonwealth Military?

Daryl, Maggie, and others’ return with meals provides give immense reduction to the survivors of Alexandria. The clear sky and the return of part of the household deliver pleasure to a gaggle of people that continues to outlive beating all the chances. Nevertheless, their happiness will get interrupted by the arrival of the Commonwealth military, guided by Eugene. Though Alexandrians concern that the brand new visitors are one other foe, Eugene explains that they’re fairly the opposite. Lance Hornsby, the deputy governor of the Commonwealth, explains that they’re in Alexandria to supply assist to rebuild the neighborhood.


Even after going through a number of threats and challenges one after the opposite, Alexandrians have at all times survived and ended up victorious. Such a neighborhood doesn’t fail to impress the Commonwealth, whose ambitions don’t appear to have a restrict. By serving to Alexandria, the Commonwealth might attempt to hijack the neighborhood not directly, to safeguard them from the efficiency of the Alexandrians. Hornsby additionally presents the neighborhood an choice to affix the mighty Commonwealth military if anybody is . Daryl accepts the supply and joins the military.

Contemplating the doubts Daryl shares with Gabriel earlier within the episode, the previous’s determination to affix the Commonwealth military isn’t a shock. As somebody who’s skeptical about his methods, selections, and selections, Daryl is at crossroads previous to the arrival of Hornsby and his military. Hornsby’s supply offers Daryl an opportunity to vary his pathway and change into extra highly effective and influential. Nevertheless, Daryl’s dynamics with the remainder of the Alexandrians might change upon his determination to change into a trooper. As he leads his military to Hilltop, towards Maggie, conflicts are assured to ensue between him and his “former” companions.

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