Things You May Not Know About Your Celebrities

How well do you truly know your favorite celebrities? From fascinating facts about their childhoods, lives before they became famous, exciting stories from their careers to exciting hobbies such as celebrity bingo lovers. Either way, to test how much you know and to learn things you’d have never expected, keep reading down below!

1. Cult Following

The celebrated Joker actor Joaquin Phoenix was born in a cult. This explains why his siblings are named River, Liberty, Rain, and Summer. Their parents were part of the Children of God group, which was established during the 1960s.

2. Whopper Discovery

Marvel legend Robert Downey Jr. has battled with illicit drug addiction for the duration of his life, and he acknowledges Burger King for assisting him with getting clean. In 2003, the Iron Man star was driving with a car full of drugs when he found himself at the Burger King drive-through. His burger was horrendous, and it made him think “something genuinely awful is going to happen,” so he tossed his drugs into the sea. Although that’s not the only time, he’s had incidents with drugs.

Robert Downey Jr. was once arrested for driving naked in his Porsche whilst possessing heroin, cocaine, and a .357 Magnum. Downey finally managed to turn his life around in the wake of doing time in jail and a rehab clinic.

3. Wicked Dad

Famous actor Woody Harrelson’s father was a real-life assassin. As a child, the Cheers and No Country for Old Men actor initially looked into his father’s work when he heard a radio broadcast about his father’s murder trial. Charles Harrelson, Woody’s father, had spent five years in jail for killing a grain seller before receiving two life sentences for murdering a district judge. Harrelson Sr. likewise claimed to have shot US President John F. Kennedy. Charles later died in jail in 2007.

4. The Look in His Eyes

David Bowie was notable for his eyes, which were different colors—or really, only seemed to be. In actuality, one of his pupils was forever dilated after his eyeball was scratched during a fight with his friend, making his eye seem like it was a different color from the other.

5. Repurchasing His Best Friend

At the beginning of his career as an actor, Sylvester Stallone was struggling financially to the point that he sold his dog Butkus for just $50. After Stallone hit the jackpot by selling the incredible script for Rocky, Stallone repurchased Butkus at a markup of $3,000. There were no hard feelings though; both Butkus and his short-term owner had appearances in the movie Rocky.

6. In Lock-Up

A long way from her privileged role on Gossip Girl, Leighton Meester was born in jail. Yes, you read that correctly. Meesters’s mother was incarcerated for smuggling drugs when she gave birth to Leighton.

7. Matthew McConaughey Prefers Natural Body Odour

Matthew McConaughey claims he hasn’t worn deodorant in over twenty years. This news initially came out when he was filming for Fool’s Gold with Kate Hudson. She actually pleaded with McConaughey to use deodorant during filming, where he was shirtless for most of it. As his fans, we have chosen to turn a blind eye to this stinky tidbit about McConaughey.

8. Jennifer Lawrence VS Kristen Stewart For Twilight Role

Jennifer Lawrence revealed that she auditioned for the role of Bella Swan in the Twilight series before she became Katniss from The Hunger Games. Jennifer Lawrence is happy she lost the significant role to Kristen Stewart, and so are we! Each of these stars was made for the roles they ended up getting.

9. Robin Williams Forgetting His Lines Makes Movie Better

Robin Williams’ last line in Good Will Hunting, “That son of a bitch stole my line,” was the wrong line.

As told by Matt Damon, during the last line, Robin Williams could not remember his line and would say a different line in every take. As soon as he said, “Son of a bitch, he stole my line”, Damon grabbed the producer, Gus Van Sant, as he knew they had got the perfect shot and wouldn’t get a better one. It turns out forgetting your lines can improve a movie.

10. Why The Kiss In ‘Thor: The Dark World’ Was So Steamy

Chris Hemsworth’s wife, Elsa Pataky, had to stand in for Natalie Portman in the kissing scene in the movie ‘Thor: The Dark World’. Natalie Portman has revealed why her kiss scene with Chris Hemsworth in the movie is so steamy – she isn’t in it. When it came time to film that scene, Chris was in Hong Kong, and Natalie couldn’t get there on schedule for the re-shoots, so the producers put Chris’ real wife, Elsa Pataky, also an actress, in Natalie Portman’s costume and wig. Talk about relationship goals.

11. Horror Deaths

Kelsey Grammer, the Frasier and Cheers actor, has gone through more than his fair share of tragedy in his lifetime. When he was only 13 years old, his dad was shot and killed outside of the family home. Seven years after that, in 1975, his 18-year-old sister was kidnapped, raped, and killed by the spree killer Freddie Glenn. Following that, in 1980, his twin half-brothers died in a scuba diving incident.

12. Big Business

At only 10 years of age and still in grade school, Warren Buffett began having lunch meetings with a stock exchange member from New York. Buffet then went on to purchase his first stock at just 11 years old. Today, Warren Buffet is worth over $80 billion.

13. Ronald Reagan Not Presidential Enough For Hollywood

Ronald Reagan was denied the role of a President because he didn’t look like someone who could be President. The 40th President of the United States of America was essentially an aspiring actor before effectively making a career change into politics. Reagan once auditioned for a play called “the Bet Man’ for the role of a president in 1960. However, the producers did not think Reagan looked the part, telling him that he did not look presidential enough. People still contend whether he was presidential enough to be the actual President of the United States, although that’s a story for another day.

14. Nicholas Cage Paid $20 Million For Free

Nicolas Cage was paid $20 million for playing Superman in a movie that was not made. Yes, you read correctly. Nicholas Cage almost got to be Superman for Superman Lives by Tim Burton in 1998, which ended up not getting made. Nonetheless, Cage had already been paid!

15. Jim Carrey As Jack Sparrow

Jim Carrey was Disney’s first option to play Captain Jack Sparrow from the Pirates of The Caribbean franchise. Carrey was the Director, Gore Verbinski’s first choice to play the legendary most-beloved pirate. Unfortunately for Carrey but great for Johnny Depp, the production schedule for the movie The Curse of The Black Pearl was around the same time as the filming of Bruce Almighty, a movie that Carrey did exceptionally well in but, of course, does not compare to the Pirates of The Caribbean franchise.