Things You Need to Know about Apetor’s Cause of Tragic Death

Things You Need to Know about Apetor's Cause of Tragic Death

Sad to inform you of famous Youtuber Tor Eckhoff’s passing on December 3, 2021. Stay till the end to find out about Apetor’s cause of death, although there’s a lot to learn about youtube first, so stay with us.

The content creator on YouTube who had over 1M subscribers by the name “Apetor” was created on October 10, 2006. He used the channel to document his adventures, including his road trips and boat rides.

Born on November 22, 1964, the well-known YouTuber would often share clips of himself enjoying a sunset as well as trying his hand at walking on thin ice.

Things You Need to Know about Apetor's Cause of Tragic Death
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Following the heartfelt news, on November 22, 2021, he celebrated his 57th birthday with a video entitled  “I Am Not Dead, I Am 57 Today.”

As he would post a video assuring his fans he was not dead for his birthday every year, Mr. Eckhoff showed himself in a bath outside, with the number 57 written on his head, drinking several shots of vodka along with tea liquor in the video.

The incident happened while he was filming the daredevil walk for his latest YouTube video, But there’s more to that has been shared. Read below why he was rushed to the nearby hospital.

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What leads to Apetor’s Cause of Death?

Following Apetor’s cause of death, It’s shared that Tor was demonstrating his skills on ice sheets for his video on the Jakobs Dam in Kongsberg a day prior as a massive crack in the ice pulled him in.

His life comes to its end on the morning of Saturday, November 27, 2021, after being hospitalized at the age of 57. May the legend rest easy in grace and love.

“We miss him terribly much, and it is a loss that will never let go. He has been everything to me and to our son,” was a few words shared from his partner Tove Skjerven.

“My dearest Tor. Friday the 26th. November was just a regular Friday…

You went to a water near Kongsberg, and you looked forward to skating. You should also film a little, which you should use in a video on YouTube. You messaged me when you arrived, with pictures of yourself and the water. Nice relationship, you wrote. But something went horribly wrong. You ended up in the ice water, and this time you didn’t get back up, like you did so many times before! In the end, you were picked up by divers and sent by air ambulance to Ullevål hospital. They did everything they could to bring you back to life, but you had been underwater for too long. On Saturday night John and I were with you when the doctors in the hospital turned off all the machines that kept your body going.”

Tove Skjerven

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Condolences to Apetor’s Death:

Things You Need to Know about Apetor's Cause of Tragic Death
RIP apetor. the legend

NymN tributed: “Rest in Peace Apetor, Norwegian YouTube legend that sadly passed away earlier today. He died doing what he loved, producing his wacky and nonsensical videos that never fail to put a smile on one’s face. Gone but never forgotten!”

A fan expressed: “So, I was sitting on my bed thinking of what to see on YouTube, an i remember a guy who drinks vodka and gets inside frozen lakes almost naked well, i remember his name on YouTube apetor i search an BOOM now he is apparently death, damn if thats true how and why.”

One commented: “You hear about people passing away all year and you pretend to care… but this one actually stung. Hvil i fred, Apetor.”

Apitefinom tweeted: “Rest in peace Apetor. Today, we have lost a true legend. A man who brought happiness into our lives, a man, who has never disappointed us. He was making the videos for more than a decade, always with his cheerfulness, enthusiasm. Thank you for all of this.”

Another replied: “Rip Apetor was a very good human and i was a very big fan. He used to reply to my comments on his yt videos and i always watched it with good feelings inside my hearth. You will always be here inside our soul and hearth thank you for your very nice and inspiring youtube videos.”

Please write your condolence for us to get his beloveds through such difficult times

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